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Where Manufacturing Execution Syste (MES) Should Reside
Listed under:
View more from: nimabakh
26-page PDF document. Should MES Reside - Within AX Or As A Subsystem? Gather requirements for shop floor execution for make-to-order and configure-to-order manufacturing ? high volume customer delivery commitment! Discuss the pros and cons of shared and or [read more]

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Sample Escrow Agreement
Listed under:
View more from: K.G LAW
3-page Word document. A sample Escrow Agreement drafted by experienced Lawyers. It is in Word format and therefore easy to modify to suit your needs, by simply inserting names, addresses and bank account details. Also contains definitions and practical examples [read more]

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Purchase Management Questionnaire - D365BC
4-page PDF document. These questions assess the ERP Consultant to gather Purchase Management requirements on customer organization. The applicant's answer will indicate their Purchase Management knowledge and information. This information is vital because ERP [read more]

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IT Service Experience/Customer Satisfaction Management
Listed under:  Information Technology
View more from: Md Monirul Islam
10-page PDF document. In this digital world, can we think of a single moment without IT Services? No, right? In most of the corporate worlds and business, IT has made the life easier in day to day operations enabling digital transformation of business process. [read more]

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Estate Agent / Realtor Vocabulary
Listed under:
View more from: R Bradley Consulting
Excel workbook. The Estate Agent / Realtor Vocabulary consists of approaching 240 terms on a single level with scope notes providing related meaning to the term pool. It seeks to the general terms and concepts used in the sector. It has a UK focus but can [read more]

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Methodology of a Performance Plan
Listed under:  Operations
View more from: Youssef AIT AKKI
56-page PDF document and supporting PowerPoint deck. Great leaders have an inspiring vision. Staff are experts at what they do. Yet many companies struggle to bridge their strategy (the "how to") and the day-to-day operations -- and that's where the Performance Plan comes [read more]

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COVID-19 and the Year 2021: A Transformed South(ern) Africa
28-page PDF document. It is trite political science that the External Environment within we operate is composed of a General Environment, and a Specific Environment. The General Environment is characterised by the well-known PESTLEIS acronym ? Politics, [read more]

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Endgame Niche Strategies
22-slide PowerPoint deck. This framework begins with an explanation of the Consolidation Curve, a growth maturity framework developed by A.T. Kearney. The Consolidation Curve shows that all industries consolidate and evolve through 4 stages: * Opening * [read more]

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COVID-19 Scenarios: The Southern Africa Case
13-page PDF document. Scenario-based thinking and planning assists decision-makers to reach informed decisions regarding strategies to pursue. In this case ? what to expect of the COVID-19 pandemic, and related to that, how to strategize to address it. The [read more]

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Types and Symptoms of Poor Time Management
26-slide PowerPoint deck. The consistent time scarcity issue has turned more serious of late. Executives are often heard complaining about the shortage of time. Around-the-clock communications, increasing complexity of organizations, and economic uncertainties [read more]

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