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Leading Global Teams (Cultural Intelligence | Management)
89-slide PowerPoint deck. The Cultural Intelligence training provides leaders with the knowledge to enhance communication skills and organization management inside multicultural contest and create awareness of own as well as others' assumptions and behaviors based [read more]

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Process Control & Instrumentation - Valves & Actuator Types
Listed under:  Operations
View more from: XRS Consulting Engineers
52-slide PowerPoint deck. The full course on Process Control & Instrumentation, consists of 18 training modules covering topics of Piping and Instrumentation Design (P&ID), Instrumentation, and Control. This document is for 1 of the modules: Valves and [read more]

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Assessment Dashboard - Lean Culture
Listed under:  Operations  Organization, Change, & HR
View more from: Gerard Blokdijk
Excel workbook and supporting ZIP. The Lean Culture Self-Assessment will make you a Lean Culture domain expert by: * Reducing the effort in the Lean Culture work to be done to get problems solved * Ensuring that plans of action include every Lean Culture task and that [read more]

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Tax Management & Strategy
20-slide PowerPoint deck. The Tax function should be our company's strategic partner--not a mere compliance function. Tax Management can support our operation in many ways. * Gathers data on every part of our business, including employees, assets, and [read more]

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Process Mapping Series: Planning and Management Accounting
Listed under:  Operations  Process Mapping
View more from: BusinessRules
10-slide PowerPoint deck and supporting Excel workbook. Engaging in the exercise of reviewing and documenting your company's business processes is the first step in learning exactly how work is being performed, where the opportunities for improvement lie and what bottlenecks and inefficiencies [read more]

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Deep and Advanced Analysis of Income Statements
Excel workbook and supporting PDF. This is a powerful dashboard with a fully editable datasheet that focuses on the Profit and Loss Statement (within our Dashboard series), always bringing useful comparisons between real data x Budget x Benchmarking. The primary [read more]

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Organizational Health
19-slide PowerPoint deck. Balancing short-term performance and long-term health is the ideal way to run a business. Healthy companies markedly outdo their competitors. Firms focused on improving their health achieve remarkable advances in their organizational [read more]

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ISO 45001:2018 (OH&S) Awareness Training
Listed under:  Operations  Health & Safety
View more from: Operational Excellence Consulting   Top Flevy Author [?]
55-slide PowerPoint deck. ISO 45001:2018 is the world's first occupational health and safety (OH&S) international standard. This new standard replaces the old OHSAS 18001:2007. ISO 45001 helps your organization provide a safe and healthy workplace for [read more]

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Business Proposal Template
Listed under:  PowerPoint Templates  Strategy, Marketing, & Sales
View more from: Kumarz
6-slide PowerPoint deck. This template is a crisp PPT that can be used by the business students, start-up founders or executives to showcase their business proposal either to Investors or Judges in a Business Plan competition. This clearly helps you with the [read more]

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Rapid Earnings Expansion
18-slide PowerPoint deck. Organizations engage in profit and loss (P&L) improvement gradually and continuously--typically aiming for incremental gains instead of major Transformation. On the contrary, activist investors push a troubled company to undergo radical [read more]

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