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Gert and Harry - Envisioning
Impact and Influence - Leadership on Change - Organizational Development

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Gert Anbeek and Harry de Weerd have been long time partners in Management Consulting and Leadership Training. They have published a lot of materials and books that are now being made available for public use via

The main advantage of these materials is that it is all very practical to use and based upon their own experience with management teams and teams of professionals is medium and large companies.

Their motto is: "There is nothing more practical than a good theory providing insights on peoples behavior in organizations."


Crafting an inspiring vision and purpose is one thing, only translating it into behavior makes the vision happen! This document provides you with powerful insights and very [read more]

Professionals are either 'handy men' for complex tasks or real 'trusted advisors' The trusted advisor uses both his/her professional and his/her EQ skills. How to develop this talent? Read this!

In organisations collaboration is key, not only within the departments and teams but especially between the teams in the production or value chain. This set of insight will help [read more]

Programming your culture is possible in a relatively short time, within 9-15 months. Culture is not the elusive factor as many managers call it. You will read all the steps [read more]

Although our categorizations are not objectively real, our emotional reactions to our categorizations are genuine. In the workplace, these demographic categorizations influence [read more]

Successful Design of Change - It is about people after all! In our daily consulting practice we encounter a lot of management teams still fighting to get the change right. [read more]

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