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The Project Analysis Template is a customizable MS Word document. It contains the following sections:

A. General Information – Basic information that identifies the project.

B. Project Purpose – The purpose of a project is to solve a business problem. Explain the business reason(s) for doing this project. In this section, describe the business problem, business impacts, business objectives, and the constraints associated with the proposed project.

C. Preliminary Project Description - A preliminary description of the project approach. The approach is the overall strategy for solving the business problem. The Preliminary Project Description is derived from the Project Description Statement and Section B, Project Purpose. This description establishes the framework for identification of potential solutions. This section does not describe a specific solution. Solutions are identified, analyzed, compared, and selected in subsequent parts of this document. Expand the size of the box provided if needed.

D. Solution(s) Analysis Part I – Describe each potentially viable solution, and evaluate the solution against the decision criteria. Duplicate the Evaluation Process (D.1 thru D.2.e and including the question after 2.e) for each solution being considered. Provide a Solution Identifier for each solution (ie: A, B, …or 1, 2...) and a brief title in Short Solution Title to easily identify each solution.

E. Solution(s) Analysis Part II – ONLY if a potential solution remains viable after analysis of the criteria in D.2.a–e above, perform a Cost Benefit Analysis for the solution and calculate Return on Investment. Section 2, Project Initiation, of the Commonwealth Project Management Guideline provides additional detail on Cost Benefit Analysis and Return on Investment. Duplicate the Solution(s) Analysis Part II (E.1 thru E.2) for each viable solution. Remember to enter in the unique Solution Identifier and brief title in Short Solution Title for each solution.

F. Comparison of Solutions – Enter the unique Solution Identifier in boxes that are shaded. Based on the analysis performed, rate how each solution measured up against the decision criteria used for the analysis. A recommended rating scale is: 1 = Very Poor, 2 = Poor, 3 = Fair, 4 = Good, 5 = Very Good. If a decision criterion is more important than others, weights may be assigned to each criterion to reflect the level of importance. Once the ratings for all the solutions are complete, compare and contrast the analysis and ratings for each of the solutions to the others. Identify the solution that best satisfies the previously reviewed criteria. Summarize the results and identify the solution that best satisfies the decision criteria. Many methods may be used, but the weighted matrix evaluation table is recommended. See Project Initiation (Section 2) of the Project Management Guideline to provide additional detail on comparing solutions using the weighted matrix evaluation table.

G. Preliminary Recommendation – Describe the recommended solution and provide a summary of the rationale for selecting it.

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Project Analysis Template

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