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Listed under:  Outsourcing  CAD Modelling
View more from: cadsociety
4-slide PowerPoint deck and supporting ZIP. This is an exhaustive course for Pro-E which covers all the features available in designing of CAD models.

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Competitive Analysis Kit
Listed under:  pricing  Strategy, Marketing, & Sales
View more from: investmentbanker
Excel workbook. This is a comprehensive view of the competitive analysis different geographies. The document will serve as a one shop solution to help us in understanding how does the products performing in the competitive landscape and it helps in [read more]

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Travel Expenses Diary
Listed under:  Information Technology  Travel
View more from: workinghours
Excel workbook. Use our Travel Diary mileage spreadsheet to calculate all your travel expenses. Get an exact mileage from Google Maps or your car’s odometer and then use the Travel Diary to calculate mileage expenses and amount due Total KM [read more]

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The Lost Art of Time Management
Listed under:  Soft skills
View more from: cgvb
6-page Word document. In our hectic lives, we struggle to read and respond to all our emails, attend endless meetings, have a little time for family members and friends, and do what we really rather be doing. We often finish late our deliverables, cannot make [read more]

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Working Hours Diary with Lunch
Listed under:  Information Technology  Time Tracking
View more from: workinghours
Excel workbook. WORKING HOURS 7 DAY DIARY WITH LUNCH With this revolutionary Working Hours Diary with Lunch and Wage Wizard keep an up to date log of ALL the Hours/Minutes your employees are working in the MORNING and then the AFTERNOON and calculate the [read more]

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Ideye No
Listed under:  Organization, Change, & HR  improvement systems
View more from: farhikhtegan
36-page PDF document. Ideye No, the first and only professional journal in Iran in 2 languages: Persian & English. It contains the latest news related to participative management, improvement system (specially Suggestion System), and related articles and stories.

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Calendar Templates 2014 with Holidays (USA / UK / Australia / Canada) for Excel
Listed under:  Calendars
View more from: officehelp   Top Flevy Author [?]
Excel workbook. Create good looking calendars as easy as filling in cell colors and letters into pre-formatted cells in Excel. No special skills required, just regular Excel use. No formulas or other complicated stuff! No setup or security implications. [read more]

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Common Contract Boilerplate Clauses
Listed under:  Legal  Strategy, Marketing, & Sales
View more from: tampinesstreet11
3-page Word document. Common contract clauses, boilerplate terms, agreement, commission fees.

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Organizational Excellence Framework - Customers
Listed under:  Operations  Quality Management System
View more from: Dawn Ringrose
45-slide PowerPoint deck. This is an introductory workshop on customers. It focuses on defining and implementing good customer practices that are covered in the Organizational Excellence Framework (copyright 2010 Dawn Ringrose) publication that integrates [read more]

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Life Insurance - Communications & Competitive Strategy Plan
70-slide PowerPoint deck. Marketing Communications and Competitive Strategy Plan for Life Assurance in Nigeria.

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