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PowerPoint Templates Business Documents (Page 6)

Use PowerPoint templates and PowerPoint diagrams to give your business presentation that polished, professional, consulting-esque look. Flevy has the most comprehensive and fastest growing libraries of PowerPoint templates. We are constantly adding new, unique templates and diagram packs, many referring to very specific business concepts (e.g. Crawl Walk Run, Six Sigma SIPOC, Hoshin Model). If you are a heavy PowerPoint user, be sure to check out our free PowerPoint plugin (Flevy Tools), our free PowerPoint Toolkit, and learn these PowerPoint shortcuts.

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Lean Rapid Improvement Event (RIE)
38-slide PowerPoint deck and supporting Excel workbook. Rapid Improvement Event (RIE), also known as Kaizen Event, is a standard approach to team-based problem solving. The RIE helps teams focus on process problems that are beyond the day-to-day presentations is Step by step [read more]

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PowerPoint Output Library (with Models and Diagrams)
Listed under:  PowerPoint Templates  Strategy, Marketing, & Sales
View more from: Toggle
73-slide PowerPoint deck. This deliverables template will give you a set of consistent, high quality slides to use in any of your output. In addition to template pages, crisp charts, and industry-leading models, we've also included insights on how to think through [read more]

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Presentation Template for Pitching to Venture Capital
8-slide PowerPoint deck and supporting PDF. An outline for a pitch book when presenting to venture capitalists.

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ECBA V3 Question Bank (system based access)
Listed under:  Information Technology  PowerPoint Templates
View more from: Adaptive US Inc.   Top Flevy Author [?]
5-slide PowerPoint deck and supporting Word. The MOST exhaustive ECBA V3 Question Bank (system based access), which thoroughly tests your preparedness! Are you preparing and putting your best effort for ECBA certification. Get a feel of the real exam before you sit for [read more]

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Marketing Persona PowerPoint Template
89-slide PowerPoint deck. Buyer Persona PowerPoint Template Size: 19:9 (widescreen) 12 Unique Slides 7 Colors Total: 84 Slides Personas are archetypal characters created to represent the different user types within a targeted demographic, attitude [read more]

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300 Icons Set for PowerPoint
Listed under:  PowerPoint Templates
View more from: LearnPPT   Top Flevy Author [?]
4-slide PowerPoint deck. A collection of over 300 icons spanning categories of People, Charts, Maps, Reports, Financial, Technology, Awards, Building Blocks, Communication & Media for your PowerPoint presentations.

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Frequently Used Consulting Templates I
Listed under:  PowerPoint Templates
View more from: consultingtemplates
52-slide PowerPoint deck. This is a robust collection of frequently used consulting templates. It is the first in a set of 3. Please click my profile to see the others.

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Market Segmentation
2-slide PowerPoint deck. Simple way to display market segmentation and also communicate density. Slides allow you to demonstrate changes in different segments.

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Strategy Constellation Model
9-slide PowerPoint deck and supporting PDF. The Strategy Constellation model is a framework for looking at both Value Proposition (top half of the model), which is what the customer experiences, and Business System (bottom half of the model), which is the company's [read more]

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Advanced Linear Approach PowerPoint Templates
Listed under:  PowerPoint Templates
View more from: LearnPPT   Top Flevy Author [?]
35-slide PowerPoint deck. A collection of over 35 PowerPoint templates that illustrate a linear sequence of steps in an approach (e.g. to a project, process, business framework).

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