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  1. Understand the difference between the terms, 'Hazard' and 'Risk' with examples from workplace
  2. Learn the various types of workplace hazards under different categories like physical, chemical, biological, ergonomic and psychosocial hazards
  3. Understand the Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment (HIRA) process with details of the steps involved and the risk control hierarchy.


A Course in Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) Hazards & Risks including the Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment (HIRA) Process

(Based on the expectations & requirements of ISO 45001:2018, an International Standard on OH&S Management System)

The knowledge on identification of hazards, related risks and controls at workplace is essential to understand the implementation of the ISO 45001:2108 standard in organizations.

This presentation covers the following aspects of OH&S management:
a) Difference in the terms, 'Hazard' and 'Risk' with examples from workplace
b) Understanding the types of hazards & risks for the purpose of their identification
c) Sources and risks of physical, chemical, biological, ergonomic & psychosocial hazards
d) The Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment (HIRA) process as per ISO 45001:2018
e) The steps involved in the HIRA process
f) The risk controls including the hierarchy of risk controls
h) Explanation of the risk control levels with examples
i) Determining effectivenesss of controls and making improvements in OH&S management

The slides have been created by a highly trained professional and Lead Auditor (ISO 45001:2018) with over 30 years of experience in training & consulting in various management system standards.

This downloadable presentation consists of 80 Microsoft power point slides suitable both for Windows & Mac operating systems.

The details of the slides in the presentation are as follows:
Title page
Program structure
Hazards & Risk - Understanding the terms
Hazard - ISO Definition
Examples of Workplace Hazards
Risk ? ISO Definition
Examples of OH&S Risks
Hazard vs Risk
Hazard vs Risk (2)
Hazard vs risk ? some examples
Sources for hazard identification
Types of Hazards - Identify Hazards
Types of hazards
Physical Hazards
Chemical hazards
Biological Hazards
Ergonomic Hazards
Psychosocial hazards
Alternate classification of hazards - MEEPS
Physical Hazards & Risks
Slips & Trips
Working at heights
Confined spaces
Confined spaces (Contd.)
Ultraviolet radiation
Ionizing Radiation
Extreme Cold
Exposed moving machinery parts

Sharp Objects
Sharp Objects (contd.)
Chemical Hazards & Risks
Chemical Hazards
Forms of chemicals
Routes of Chemical Exposure
Globally Harmonized System
GHS Document
GHS Classification (3 Categories ? 9 Types )
Categories of Hazardous Chemicals
Categories of Hazardous Chemicals (Contd.)
Categories of Hazardous Chemicals (Contd.)
GHS Labelling of 9 Types
GHS Communication: Safety Data Sheets
Safety data Sheet (SDS) contents (16 headings)
OH&S Content in SDS
Other Hazards & Risks
Biological Hazards
Biological Hazards (Contd.)
Risk prone occupations / conditions
Ergonomic Hazards
Risk factors and causes of MSDs
Risk factors and causes of MSDs (2)
Risk occupations
Psychosocial Hazards
Psychosocial Hazards - Workplace Conditions
HIRA & Risk Controls
HIRA Process
HIRA Process (2)
Hazard Identification
General Factors
Activities (routine & non-routine)
Systems & Ergonomics
Risk Assessment
Risk Rating Criteria (An Example)
Risk Assessment (Contd.)
Control the risks
Risk Control Hierarchy
Control Priority #1 : Elimination
Control Priority #2: Substitution
Control Priority #3 : Engineering Controls
Control Priority #4 : Administrative Controls
Control Priority #5: Personal Protective Equipment
Effectiveness & Improvement
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Source: OH&S Hazards & Risks and the HIRA Process PowerPoint document


OH&S Hazards & Risks and the HIRA Process

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