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Concept & Parameters of Liveable Cities   60-slide PPT PowerPoint presentation (PPTX)

Concept & Parameters of Liveable Cities (60-slide PPT PowerPoint presentation (PPTX)) Preview Image Concept & Parameters of Liveable Cities (60-slide PPT PowerPoint presentation (PPTX)) Preview Image Concept & Parameters of Liveable Cities (60-slide PPT PowerPoint presentation (PPTX)) Preview Image Concept & Parameters of Liveable Cities (60-slide PPT PowerPoint presentation (PPTX)) Preview Image Concept & Parameters of Liveable Cities (60-slide PPT PowerPoint presentation (PPTX)) Preview Image Concept & Parameters of Liveable Cities (60-slide PPT PowerPoint presentation (PPTX)) Preview Image Concept & Parameters of Liveable Cities (60-slide PPT PowerPoint presentation (PPTX)) Preview Image Concept & Parameters of Liveable Cities (60-slide PPT PowerPoint presentation (PPTX)) Preview Image Concept & Parameters of Liveable Cities (60-slide PPT PowerPoint presentation (PPTX)) Preview Image Log in to unlock full preview.
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Concept & Parameters of Liveable Cities (PowerPoint PPTX)

File Type: 60-slide PPT PowerPoint presentation (PPTX)


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  1. Provide a Urban Planning : Liveable Cities
  2. Provide a Global Liveability Index
  3. Provide a Urban Design Engineering is The Key to Realizing a "Livable" City


This product (Concept & Parameters of Liveable Cities) is a 60-slide PPT PowerPoint presentation (PPTX), which you can download immediately upon purchase.

Concept & Parameters of Liveable Cities

1. Urban Planning : Liveable Cities
2. World Population 2050
3. Faceless Cities
4. Create a Better World 2050
5. Urgency of Control
6. City as a System Unit
7. Alignment of City Goals
8. City Development Control Process
9. City of The Future : "Turtle-Ability
10. Towards a Liveable City"
11. Most Liveable City Index
12. Global Liveability Index 2022
13. Livability Capital: Health
14. Health in The SDG Era
15. Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being
16. A Healthy City
17. The 11 Qualities Healthy Cities
18. Multi Dimensions of Healthy Cities
19. Healthy city indicators
20. Healthy City & SDG's Indicators
21. Domain Of Health Indicators
22. Healthy City Orientation?
23. Maslow's Pyramid
24. Healthy Stages
25. Biosphere and Culture
26. Stages Application
27. Health Decision Support System
28. Individual – State Scope Actions
29. Socio-ecological Model Of Health
30. 13 Levers to Make Every School a Health
31. Making Every School a Health-Promoting School
32. What can School Principals Do?
33. Inclusive Healthy Places
34. What is a Complete Street ?
35. The Determinates of Health and Well Being in our Cities
36. City Systems & Chains
37. Livable Street
38. Policies, Program, Projects & Health Equity
39. Healthy Related Urban Well-being (Urban Health)
40. Livable Shifting
41. Healthy House
42. TUMI (Transformative Urban Mobility Initiative)
43. A Healthy and Sustainable Transport System
44. The Industrialized Cities
45. Health Urban Planning
46. Benefits of Mobility for Urban Health
47. Livableness In Transportation Planning
48. Derivation Of Livable Cities
49. Urban design engineering is the key to realizing a "livable" city
50. Design Detail and Qualities
51. Built and Natural Environment Policies
52. Urban Master Plan
53. Manageable Size TND (Traditional Neighbourhood Dev)
54. Liveable City of The Future

Liveability, a sustainability buzzword, describes the conditions for a decent life for all inhabitants of cities, regions, and communities, including their physical, social, and mental wellbeing. The concept is concerned with optimising the performance and the integrity of human life. Yet there are many different opinions and priorities about what makes a city truly liveable.

1. How do you define a liveable city?

Chiara Lissandrello – Lead consultant (Rome): A liveable city is founded on balancing society, environment, economy, and culture. It's the actual implementation of sustainability at the urban level. While the exact combination will always vary, and economic elements are constant, a strategy for liveable cities should always seek a sustainable balance of all these components.

Sébastien Bruyère – Senior consultant (Marseille): The liveability of a place depends on the people within it, a bit like a weighted formula in mathematics. Professionally, I localise urban solutions to meet the liveability needs of specific communities. Personally, for liveability, I need a city to provide a variety of diverse opportunities.

Leonard Ng Keok Poh, Country Market Director (Singapore): A range of factors make places liveable. Liveability is measured by quality-of-life factors, such as access to fresh water, food, housing, transport, health care, education, and a safe and stable built and natural environment. But liveability of a place is also based on social and psychological factors, like emotion and perception.

2. How does nature influence the liveability of a city?
Chiara: Liveable cities give priority to natural capital. Liveable cities provide both organic and well-maintained green areas to help mitigate or reverse climate change risks and impacts, as well as to promote the psychophysical well-being of their citizens.

Sébastien: Nature and natural resources perform nearly endless ecosystem services [i.e. the varied benefits to humans provided by the natural environment and from healthy ecosystems], in addition to increasing the accessibility to public services. This is why integrating nature into long-term development strategies helps cities meet social, environmental, and economic goals.

Leonard: Traditionally, cities are developed using grey infrastructure while turning away from the natural environment. We know now, to improve liveability, we must be inspired by natural ecosystems when designing urban spaces. It is hard to imagine people enjoying a community void of nature.

Thank you for your attention.

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UJ Consulting

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Source: Concept & Parameters of Liveable Cities PowerPoint (PPTX) Presentation, UJ Consulting


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UJ Consulting

Untung Juanto ST. , MM. Founder of UJ Consulting. He is professionally experienced business and management consultant in several local and multinational companies. [read more]

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