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Grant Stanley
Sales & Marketing Expert

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The role of the Business Coach is to coach Business owners to improve their business through guidance, support and encouragement. We help the owners and employees of all sizes of business; from small enterprises through to FTSE 100 organisations. We train and coach Sales, Marketing, Management and teams just like a sports coach will help a team focus on a particular game.

The owners of small or large businesses find it hard enough to keep up with the pace of change and innovation, let alone to find the time to devote to sales, marketing, systems, planning and team management, and then to run their businesses as well!

Business Coaching only works effectively when it has a positive impact on you and your business, and this usually means making you more money than the investment in coaching costs you. Therefore when we meet one of our objectives is to see how much extra money we can make in your business based on your own development criteria.


This 13-page document is a guide to project management, tools, process, plans and project planning tips. There are rules, processes, and tools for project planning and project [read more]

You, as manager, need to do your best to make sure your department is running like a well-oiled "team-machine." However, just when you think everything is going along [read more]

Managers usually have to juggle many tasks, projects, and meetings daily. If you try to take on every project yourself, you will most likely end up missing deadlines and [read more]

There are many ways to communicate. To name a few, it can be a verbal one-on-one, a simple hallway conversation, leading a team meeting, writing processes and procedures, giving [read more]

Nudge theory is a flexible and modern concept for: * understanding of how people think, make decisions, and behave, * helping people improve their thinking and decisions, * [read more]

In management and Human Resources, the term 'the Psychological Contract' commonly and somewhat loosely refers to the actual - but unwritten - expectations of an employee or [read more]

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