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Developing the process by which you approach a Request for Proposal (RFP) is an important step toward winning business in a competitive market. Use these steps to build your process for tracking RFPs.

This is a Request for Proposal Process Tracker built in MS Word. It is completely customizable and contains the following RFP proces steps:

Identify - Identify project need from a prospect (these projects may be openly publicized or you may need to be on a preferred vendor list -- make sure your sales group understands how your key prospects request RFPs).

Evaluate - Evaluate the RFP for opportunity fit. Review the RFP to ensure that what is requested is within the parameters of what you are willing to provide.

Review - Review the RFP in detail to ensure that you identify all internal parties who must assist in creating the response document.

Assign - Assign roles and responsibilities for appropriate sections of the RFP. For example, if the prospect wants technical information provided, make sure that your technical staff is involved. Assign an RFP response project manager to oversee the assignment process and to coordinate steps moving forward.

Clarify - Meet with the prospect to discuss the RFP. If you have questions that need clarifying, contact the prospect to ensure that you are not focusing on unnecessary areas or misconceptions.

Document - Create your response documentation for the RFP. You need to provide a professional and organized response to the prospect's RFP because this document becomes the baseline for all potential future discussions.

Deliver - Forward your response document to the prospect. It is very important that you deliver this response by the date defined within the RFP. Most prospects will not accept the RFP if the deadline has passed.

Respond - During the response Q&A period, respond to any issues on which the prospect requests clarification. Be sure to answer all questions from the prospect.

Agree - Conduct the final negotiations, which will involve Statement of Work (SOW) and contract discussions.

Contract - Provide the final binding contract based on the RFP and begin work on the project or product.

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Request for Proposal Process Tracker

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