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The Project Closeout Transition Checklist is a customizable MS Word document. By default, it contains the following checklist items:

1. Have all the product or service deliverables been accepted by the customer?
1.1. Are there contingencies or conditions related to the acceptance? If so, describe in the Comments.

2. Has the project been evaluated against each performance goal established in the project performance plan?

3. Has the actual cost of the project been tallied and compared to the approved cost baseline?
3.1. Have all approved changes to the cost baseline been identified and their impact on the project documented?

4. Have the actual milestone completion dates been compared to the approved schedule?
4.1. Have all approved changes to the schedule baseline been identified and their impact on the project documented?

5. Have all approved changes to the project scope been identified and their impact on the performance, cost, and schedule baselines documented?

6. Has operations management formally accepted responsibility for operating and maintaining the product(s) or service(s) delivered by the project?

6.1. Has the documentation relating to operation and maintenance of the product(s) or service(s) been delivered to, and accepted by, operations management?
6.2. Has training and knowledge transfer of the operations organization been completed?
6.3. Does the projected annual cost to operate and maintain the product(s) or service(s) differ from the estimate provided in the project proposal? If so, note and explain the difference in the Comments column.

7. Have the resources used by the project been transferred to other units within the organization?

8. Has the project documentation been archived or otherwise disposed as described in the project plan?

9. Have the lessons learned been documented in accordance with the Commonwealth Project Management guideline?

10. Has the date for the post-implementation review been set?
10.1 Has the person or unit responsible for conducting the post-implementation review been identified?

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Project Closeout Transition Checklist

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