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ITIL Service Strategy Overview
Listed under:  Information Technology  ITIL
View more from: Ivana Nissen
49-slide PowerPoint deck and supporting PDF. ITIL Service Strategy overview. Introduction to ITIL: - What is ITIL? - How can ITIL Help your organisation? What is a Service: - Definition of a service - Output vs. Outcome - Service Value - Utility and Warranty - Value [read more]

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Project Success Checklist
Listed under:    Strategy, Marketing, & Sales
View more from: XRS Consulting Engineers
Excel workbook. Ideal for project managers , etc . To align their thinking & requirements. This can/could be adjusted aligningto project in hand

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Service Quality of Wineries in Wine Tourism
Listed under:  Operations  service quality
View more from: Lucell Larawan
14-slide PowerPoint deck. In this document, I am sharing a validated instrument to measure service quality of wineries in wine tourism. From this, you can also verify aspects of service quality that are more important to increase tourist satisfaction and tourist [read more]

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Control System Execution Plan
7-page Word document. Guideline in the preparation of setting in design plan & change management plan , excellent document to use as a basis for design

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Checklist for DCS / Control Systems Selection
Listed under:    Strategy, Marketing, & Sales
View more from: XRS Consulting Engineers
Excel workbook. This is an Excel-based checklist looking at DCS / Control Systems Selection ( incl Software ). It is ideal for tech adjudication. It can also be modified to be made project specific.

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Process Design Basis (Outline)
5-page Word document. This is a fairly detailed outline only. It contains the Table of Contents ONLY and not the actual report. You can contact me for Project Engineering Consulting services. My contact is available at the end of the document (viewable after purchase).

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Engineering Design Checklist / Deliverables
Listed under:  Organization, Change, & HR  
View more from: XRS Consulting Engineers
Excel workbook. This checklist covers deliverables list / engineering requirements / discipline. This will alter as per Client expectation & requirements . This list could/can be amended as per project specification/requirement A good guide to ensure [read more]

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Checklist of CCF in SIS (Safety Instrumented Systems)
Listed under:    Strategy, Marketing, & Sales
View more from: XRS Consulting Engineers
Excel workbook. Checklist - Estimation and Evaluation of Common Cause Failures in SIS This list covers : engineering design ; conceptual design ; detail design ; application software ;SIS components - logic solver ; operator interface ; sensors ; [read more]

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Assessment Dashboard - Customer Service
Listed under:  Organization, Change, & HR  Customer Service
View more from: Gerard Blokdijk
Excel workbook and supporting ZIP. The Customer Service Self-Assessment will make you a Customer Service domain expert by: * Reducing the effort in the Customer Service work to be done to get problems solved * Ensuring that plans of action include every Customer Service [read more]

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Process Mapping Series: Planning and Management Accounting
Listed under:  Operations  Process Mapping
View more from: BusinessRules
10-slide PowerPoint deck and supporting Excel workbook. Engaging in the exercise of reviewing and documenting your company's business processes is the first step in learning exactly how work is being performed, where the opportunities for improvement lie and what bottlenecks and inefficiencies [read more]

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