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  1. The capability to identify patterns and correlations between two variables
  2. The capability to identify key problem contributors much quicker than looking at the raw data.
  3. The ability to create visual displays of data to describe and summarize a set of numbers or statistics


Scatter Plot Techniques Overview
Scatter Plots are part of the Graphical Analysis Techniques. Learn how using these two methods will provide you insights into data. It is a tool that is the basis for effective problem solving and/or participating in a business. By visualizing with a Scatter Plot, we are able to identify patterns or correlations much quicker than looking at the raw data. Learners will get a comprehensive understanding of using Scatter Plots for demystifying data.
A scatter plot is a tool that shows the relationship between two or more variables (both continuous variables) plotted on a graph with an X and Y-axis. A scatter plot can be used to verify a root cause identified through cause-and-effect analysis. The dots in a scatter show patterns when the data are taken as a whole.
Many problems can be solved using this data visualization tool. In addition, these techniques are essential for anyone pursuing advanced problem-solving methods such as Lean, Lean Six Sigma, and Process Management. This graphical analysis tool is also invaluable for management and executives. This course will provide the user with the ability to generate visual information which can be processed more than 10,000 times faster than text or numbers.

What This Course Provides
This 18-page course provides learners with a thorough understanding of the terminology and methodology associated with Scatter Plots. This course provides learners step-by-step instructions on how they are done, examples of how to create, and how to interpret the results. It is presented in FranklinGood's comprehensive and highly visual learning format. This course will help learners solve problems by obtaining insights from raw data, helping to find the "gold nuggets" in mountains of data.

Learning Objectives
•  Create visual displays of data to describe and summarize a set of numbers or statistics.
•  Be able to visually display complex data and interpret the data.
•  Acquiring the capability to identify key problem contributors much quicker than looking at the raw data.
•  How to get from data to a story that informs
•  To be able to find order out of data chaos using graphs
•  Ability to achieve a much more rapid review, assimilation, and understanding of data.

Train the Trainer Services
Train the Trainer services can be conducted via virtual or on-site for this course. Please request details and pricing using the email address found in the course material.

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Scatter Plots Graphical Analysis Techniques

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