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  1. ProfitQube provides an all-in-one professional application for 360 degrees planning of an organization (services, trade, production or multi-business).
  2. ProfitQube drives organizations strategy into actionable, accurate and reliable medium-long term planning and facilitates financial targets achievement for revenue, operating profit, working capital, cost analysis and asset utilization.
  3. ProfitQube delivers multi-business and multi-scenario analysis enabling organizations to take quick decisions more confidently in exchange of an inexpensive price.


ProfitQube Production Pro - Enterprise Integrated Financial Planning for Production, Trade and Services (Excel/VBA, rel.1.2.7).

****************** E X C E P T I O N A L ***** P R O M O T I O N *******************

Get this Professional Application for ONLY $149.00 till 31-MAY-2020!


ProfitQube Production Pro enables Top Managers, CFOs, Entrepreneurs, Bank Managers, Chartered Accountants, Financial/Investment/Equity Research Analysts and Business Professionals to formulate an Organization Integrated Planning and verify profitability over a period of 5 years (12MTH+4Y).

ProfitQube transforms Organization's Strategy into numbers and provide foundation for multi-business and multi-scenario analysis.

This product is an executable (EXE) Excel-based application. The above preview document is a presentation highlighting the capabilities and benefits of ProfitQube. The application is located in the secondary ZIP file. The ZIP file also includes an in-depth user manual, which contains activation instructions.

This robust tool can be further enhanced with ProfitQube Consolidation add-on to aggregate and adjust Income Statements, Balance Sheets, Cash Flow Direct and Cash Flow Indirect across subsidiaries.

The User can depict complex integrated scenarios for hundreds of products and services to forecast:
- Projections linked to historical data
- Sales Order and Billing (domestic and export)
- Production (discrete and continuous)
- Capacity Planning
- Production Personnel
- Production Overheads & Absorption methods
- Make-To-Order
- Make-To-Stock
- Unit Product Cost
- Purchasing and Vendor Capacity
- Inventory Strategy and Safety Quantity
- Overheads
- Long Term Assets Intangibles, Tangibles and Financials
- Long Term Assets purchasing, depreciation and disposal/write off
- Banks
- Human Resources
- Tax Provision
- Discounted Cash Flow
- IFRS statements
- BEP analysis
- Charts & KPIs
and more

Useful for:

Chartered Accountants and Financial Consultants
- Deliver Effective Consultancy that increases Client's Profitability and Retention
- Deliver Consultancy that enhances Organizational Knowledge and understanding of
Business Processes Relationship
- Provide Business Plan financial sections that win investors

- Streamline Management Accounting/Financial Controlling and Business Case Analysis
- Facilitate Evaluation of new Initiatives and Start-up analysis
- Enable Strategy alignment with Financial Planning
- Standardize subsidiaries forecast
- Harmonize typical Franchisee's and Franchisor's financial models

Banks, Financial and Private Equity Institutions
- Engage Clients in Financial Planning exercise
- Standardize Client's Financial Statements projections and KPI's analysis
- Deliver accurate and detailed business planning financial section to support
investments go/no go and lending money decisions

Business Schools
- Improve Engagement
- Increase Knowledge Retention
- Boost Student Learning
- Inspire Collaboration
- Benefits for Teachers (Improving Communication, Save Time)

Metrics (Production Pro)
- Excel compressed format xlsb 75MB (Binary)
- 6 mln formulas
- 60k nominated cells
- 52 Worksheets
- 250+ Charts
- 100+ Sparklines
- 45 VBA Program Modules
- 3,500 working hours for Design and Implementation

The ProfitQube Production Pro bundle package contains:
- ProfitQube Production Pro application (EXE)
- 400 pages "User " with following chapters:
---- System and Excel Requirements
---- What is ProfitQube
---- Introduction
---- Conventions
---- Architecture
---- Navigation
---- Knowledge Modules
---- How to use ProfitQube
---- Getting Started
---- Create a Scenario
---- Function Modules Input
---- Outputs
---- Financial Statements Consolidation
---- Start-Up and New Business
---- Appendix
---- List of Figures
- 74 Excel files to support User Manual Scenario
- "ReadMeFirst!.TXT" for a quick start

Click To Go, Hyperlink buttons, Export functionality (values and formats), User Friendly interface and colors, Quick Guide, Help and User Manual facilitate the use of this cutting edge application.

Workbook, Worksheets and VBA are password protected except input fields. The license is bounded to the computer hardware ID where ProfitQube is installed. It cannot be installed on another computer unless buying another license.

Activation Key enabled by MS Office protection market leader.

The ProfitQube was designed and developed by Dr Gian Paolo Avanzo.

He has worked as Senior Financial Analyst and CFO for 11+ years in multinational companies such as Chubb Security PLC, TNT Express, Unisys, Purina and Avdel.

During that period, he has re-engineered and optimized financial business processes, improved communication with stakeholders and acted as country project manager for deploying BAAN ERP system.

He then moved into SAP arena leveraging his knowledge to act as Senior FICO/Project/Transformation manager for 20+ years and devoting himself to define global templates, harmonize cultures, collaborate with end users and executives, transform business processes through best business practices, manage changes and expectations of clients such as AbbVie, Bemis-Mactac, Fujifilm, Novartis (Sandoz Anti Infective, Ciba Vision, Vaccines & Diagnostics, Consumer Health, Pharma) ,Owens Illinois, Delphi, Thomson, Total, Saudi Electricity, Kraft, Hercules, ABB, Montell, Foxboro, Sonepar, Procter & Gamble.

He team-worked with PWC, KPMG, E&Y, Deloitte, Infosys, IBM, Accenture, Charles River Associates, Unilog, Atos-Origin, Bull, Siemens, Tata and Lodestone.

NOTE: This product includes technical support and updates for 12 months. It DOES NOT contain lifetime product updates, as stated in the blue box on the right.

Got a question about the product? Email us at or ask the author directly by using the form to the right. If you cannot view the preview above this document description, go here to view the large preview instead.

Source: ProfitQube Production Pro - Integrated Financial Planning PDF document

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ProfitQube Production Pro - Integrated Financial Planning

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