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Strategic Plan 101
22-slide PowerPoint deck. This powerpoint explains strategic planning and part to facilitate it to actualization. It reviews the element of strategic planning, components that are responsible for its vital success, and even prognosis of what would generally occur [read more]

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Workbook - LS Organizational Change Management
Excel workbook and supporting PDF. This change management model focuses on aligning human behavior with the proposed change. The model is delivered in excel format. The document is a combination of learning guide for change management and an actual change management process [read more]

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Model - Business Building and Sustainability Behavior
11-slide PowerPoint deck. This model takes the four business components and combines them with organizational theory and behavior (business development, marketing, sales and customer service) that exclusively involves the engagement of humans and creates a [read more]

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Organizational Development Simplified
15-slide PowerPoint deck and supporting PDF. This document presents performing organizational development on a smaller or easier to manage scale. It gives users the opportunity to develop their company and their business by structuring development more around learning and training [read more]

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Build a Company Using Organizational Design
19-page Word document. This workbook is designed for you to build your company in the ideal sense and use it as a guide and blueprint to create a new organization or to change it to your desired state. This workbook is a starting point only to help company [read more]

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