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This Excel financial model is an Annual Financial Report.

Using This Model

1. Before preparing your annual financial report, you should read the full guidance notes. This reporting format asks you to report on expenditure over the last financial year (Annual Financial Report tab) as well as summarising expenditure over the life of your project (Financial Summary tab).

2. To insert additional rows, right click on the row number below where you wish to insert the new row and choose INSERT.

3. To delete a row, right click on the row number you wish to remove and choose DELETE.

4. The NOTES ON VARIANCE column should be used to identify which lines have additional information on the VARIANCE NOTES tab.

5. You can access the notes on variance pages by clicking on any of the the NOTES ON VARIANCE tabs below.

6. The NOTES ON VARIANCE (Annual report) tab should be used to record explanations on why there was a variance of + or - 10% on the annual report.

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Source: Annual Financial Report (Excel) Excel document


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Annual Financial Report (Excel)

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