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SWOT Analysis Worksheet
5-page Word document. This SWOT template is a great tool to use if you would like some guidance with your analysis. This SWOT worksheet is 5 pages long and poses a series of questions about your business and your operating environment. Your responses to [read more]

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Presentation Formats for Ready Use
189-slide PowerPoint deck. It has over 150 different slide formats in high definition which could be helpful to fit any kind of topic into a standard presentation format. This is going to user friendly for consultants , research department , analytics , strategy team etc..

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Measuring Open Innovation Climate
16-slide PowerPoint deck. The document provides a definition and backgrounder of open innovation climate. Given that we know about this concept, how can we measure a company's open innovation climate in a way that is valid and reliable? This material provides a [read more]

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Bitcoin Mining Business Guide
12-page Word document. Bitcoin is one of the most famous forms of investment these days. In 2017 alone it has increased by almost 2000% in returns. Since everyone wants to join the Bitcoin bandwagon but don't know how to start or what to do we have created a [read more]

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Business Book Summaries
Listed under:  Operations  Strategy, Marketing, & Sales
View more from: Safwan Khan
104-page PDF document. We have created in-depth summaries of Top 22 Business Books we recommend everyone should read. It is our goal to summarize the high-level topics covered in each book to remind you entrepreneurs of the frameworks and important points [read more]

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Sales Process for Start-Up or Established SaaS Businesses
Listed under:  Strategy, Marketing, & Sales
View more from: Expert Sales Consulting
46-slide PowerPoint deck. Whether you are SaaS start-up with no sales team or an establish SaaS business looking to create a more structure sales organization this document will be a great help. This approach to sales is about quality vs. quantity. If you are a [read more]

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130 Ways to Increase Website Traffic
33-page Word document. Want to increase website traffic? Are you tired of not seeing enough visitors to your site? Here are 130 easy ways to increase site traffic starting today. The #1 question we get over, and over, and over again, is "how do I get [read more]

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