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Marketing of Visual Arts (Gallery in Milan Case Study)
59-page Word document. Purpose & Background of the dissertation - Domain of marketing as a theory has expanded in the last few decades, but is still based on a very narrow customer centered or a market oriented view. This view constraints and limits the scope of [read more]

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The failure of the MNC's Human Resource Management Strategies in Foreign Subsidiaries in China - Case study and interview analysis
48-page Word document. In the recent years, China has seen an increase in the number of foreign nationals coming to the country as expatriates. The main reason is emergence of China as the business hub of east due to which many western multinationals are opening [read more]

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Root Cause Analysis Template
Listed under:  Strategy, Marketing, & Sales
View more from: Adaptive Processes   Top Flevy Author [?]
Excel workbook and supporting Excel workbook. Root Cause Analysis is a systematic process for identifying "root causes" of problems or events and an approach for responding to them

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Wealth Creation: A Study of Collaborative Entrepreneurship at the Base of the Pyramid
Listed under:  Operations  Strategy, Marketing, & Sales
View more from: maudep06
8-page PDF document. The fact that entrepreneurs in extreme poverty are still able to create successful businesses with very limited knowledge and highly restricted funds means that wealth creation arises from other complex dynamics. Thus, focusing research on [read more]

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Social Media Content Calendar
Excel workbook. Social Media Content Calendar to make it easier to coordinate campaigns and grow your reach. This is an excel worksheet and it is extremely detailed and contains all the social media networks.

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How to Unleash the Entire Innovation Potential with "Unconferences"
9-page PDF document. As already said so many times before; innovation is a necessity for any organization today. But how can you make it happen? In this in-depth article you will learn about an interesting approach to obtaining a huge innovation impulse, in [read more]

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Business Impact Analysis Guidelines
Listed under:  Strategy, Marketing, & Sales
View more from: Adaptive Processes   Top Flevy Author [?]
3-page Word document. Business impact analysis (BIA) is a systematic process to determine and evaluate the potential effects of an interruption to critical business operations as a result of a disaster, accident or emergency.

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Balance Sheet Template
Listed under:  Strategy, Marketing, & Sales
View more from: Adaptive Processes   Top Flevy Author [?]
Excel workbook. Balance Sheet Template A balance sheet is a financial statement that summaries a company's assets, liabilities and shareholders' equity at a specific point in time.

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Correlation Matrix
Listed under:  Data Science  Strategy, Marketing, & Sales
View more from: Macroval
Excel workbook. This tool offers an easy way to explore relationships in data and to quickly identify important variables. Simply paste data in, then see all correlation coefficients and significance tests at a glance.

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Marketing Strategy: Sustainable Service Model
3-slide PowerPoint deck and supporting PDF. Framework to develop a sustainable offering. Helps guide you through strategy trade-offs.

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