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Organization, Change, & HR Business Documents (Page 78)

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Target Operating Model
12-slide PowerPoint deck. Defining your Target Operating Model in a snapshot. What requirements do we have for the way we organize our business? What is the logical design of all activities in order to support our business model? What organizational principles [read more]

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Team Work as a Competitive Advantage
54-page PDF document. Team work is not only an effective tool within the organization, it is a competitive tool for those companies that grow it as an organizational skill! What are the essentials for team building. What is the difference between a group and [read more]

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Managing Cultural Diversity
22-page PDF document. We didn't all come over on the same ship, but we're all in the same boat. Bernard Baruch, American financier and statesman. Most of us tend to see culture through the lens of demographic categorizations such as nationality, race, [read more]

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Impact and Influencing in Organizations
50-slide PowerPoint deck and supporting PDF. All professionals have a job and need the skills to communicate about their job and contribution. They need to have the skills to build impact and influence others in order to get their best ideas across. The same way leaders need to [read more]

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Managing Serious Change
48-page PDF document. Practical guide for managing serious change. Written for executive level. Checklists, risks, proven activities are documented in this 48 pages document.

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Care to Dare
29-page PDF document. Why secure base leadership counts? Providing psychological safety is key for setting highly demanded standards. High performance organizations are most wanted and so hard to get! High performance: Challenging yourself and others to see [read more]

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Trusted Advisory Skills for Professionals
38-page PDF document and supporting PowerPoint deck. Professionals are either 'handy men' for complex tasks or real 'trusted advisors' The trusted advisor uses both his/her professional and his/her EQ skills. How to develop this talent? Read this!

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Recruiting, Selection & Retention: Diverse Qualities & Characteristics
3-page PDF document. This tool helps team members move past initial impressions and assumptions and even beyond biases and filters to appreciate the qualities and characteristics brought to organizations by diverse team members. This reference explores [read more]

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Recruiting, Selection & Retention: Address Objections to Diversity & Promote Inclusion
10-page PDF document. There are numerous objections raised by those who are not receptive to diversity in the workplace. These objections are often used to alleviate any responsibility on the part of the individuals for putting forth any efforts to work at [read more]

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Successful Design of Change - It is about people after all!
67-slide PowerPoint deck and supporting PDF. Successful Design of Change - It is about people after all! In our daily consulting practice we encounter a lot of management teams still fighting to get the change right. Changing the organization structure or work processes at the [read more]

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