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Resolving Workplace Conflicts: Employee Relations - Sexual Orientation Discrimination
4-page PDF document and supporting ZIP. A different sexual orientation does not impact performance. It does, however, impact teamwork and communication when other team members are judgmental, are homophobic or are ignorant and treat those with different sexual orientations as [read more]

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Bundle (8 Documents)
Recruiting, Selecting, & Retaining Diverse Employees product bundle
There are 8 documents in this bundle:

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Resolving Workplace Conflicts: Employee Relations - Discriminatory Demands from Customers
4-page PDF document and supporting ZIP. Because instances of discrimination from customers are not that common, they are often shocking for the employees on the receiving end. Such disrespectful behavior catches employees including supervisors and management off guard, so [read more]

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Care to Dare
29-page PDF document. Why secure base leadership counts? Providing psychological safety is key for setting highly demanded standards. High performance organizations are most wanted and so hard to get! High performance: Challenging yourself and others to see [read more]

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Resolving Workplace Conflicts: Employee Relations - Discrimination towards Disabled
4-page PDF document and supporting ZIP. Many disabilities are visible, but many disabilities aren't. Discriminating against obvious disabilities is overt and damaging enough to work relationships. Assuming there isn't a disability and then discriminating against perceived [read more]

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Resolving Workplace Conflicts: Employee Relations - Cultural/Ethnic Discrimination
4-page PDF document and supporting ZIP. Intolerance towards individuals who look different and speak differently does not take into consideration all of the talents, skills and abilities they bring to the team and the workplace, not to mention to diverse customers. Looking down [read more]

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Managing Cultural Diversity
22-page PDF document. We didn't all come over on the same ship, but we're all in the same boat. Bernard Baruch, American financier and statesman. Most of us tend to see culture through the lens of demographic categorizations such as nationality, race, [read more]

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Recruiting, Selection & Retention: Diversity Benefits, Values & Advantages
5-page PDF document. This document not only defines Diversity in broad terms, but also provides over 25 benefits and their related values and advantages to organizations. In addition to race and gender, ethnic differences, generational, physical and mental, [read more]

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Impact and Influencing in Organizations
50-slide PowerPoint deck and supporting PDF. All professionals have a job and need the skills to communicate about their job and contribution. They need to have the skills to build impact and influence others in order to get their best ideas across. The same way leaders need to [read more]

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Target Operating Model
12-slide PowerPoint deck. Defining your Target Operating Model in a snapshot. What requirements do we have for the way we organize our business? What is the logical design of all activities in order to support our business model? What organizational principles [read more]

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