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Henry Kissinger, a notable figure in American history, once said, "Government is not about charisma. Leadership is about management."

In the context of management, especially in a strategic framework, Government is a vital topic that often goes under-addressed. To many, it may seem like an entity that’s far removed from the realm of a corporation, but that’s far from accurate. Smart and strategic management often intertwines with matters of government, be it through regulation, policy, or municipal partnerships.

For a Fortune 500 C-level executive, understanding the crossover between Government and management is quintessential. It helps define their Strategic Planning process, informs their approach to Risk Management, and shapes their overall Strategy Development.

The Interplay of Management and Government

Effective management in the context of government involves understanding the relationship between the private and public sectors. McKinsey's 2018 report, "Government: An Unlikely Innovator," suggests that governments can add value within corporate management through innovation and interagency partnerships. Similarly, in its "Private Sector Role in Public Sector Modernization" report, Boston Consulting Group reiterates the importance of public-private partnerships in driving Operational Excellence.

Furthermore, strategic alliances with governments can offer businesses not only a secure and stable operating environment but also an opportunity to penetrate new markets, reduce operational risks, and ensure an overall favourable outlook for Business Transformation.

Best Practices: Incorporating Government into Management Strategies

Flawless cooperation between management and government is the ultimate key to sustainable growth. Public-private partnerships foster an efficient and effective operational environment. This synergy is needed for achieving Operational Performance Management and thereby Strategy Development in the long term. Remember, "It's not the government's role to decide, but to provide an environment in which things could happen," as John DeGioia, the President of Georgetown University, once pointed out.

Innovation will be fueled by fostering an environment where private entities understand and appreciate the vital role of government in shaping the strategic management landscape. It's up to top-tier executives to hone this approach and guide their organizations towards a dynamic and rewarding future.

Leadership’s understanding and strategic approach towards government will have an inevitable impact on the future of their respective organizations. As management consultants, we stand ready to help executives navigate this intense blend of politics, regulation, and commerce.


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