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Cortelligence Consulting Group

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The Cortelligence Group is here to serve. We help augment the bridge between business and technology. With tools and experience from those who have seen your challenges, we listen, identify, and deliver strategic core intelligence to help you leverage technology.

Why reinvent the wheel every time you need to put together a business plan, SDLC development lifecycle documentation, business case, or requirements templates? We have a large variety of very low-cost templates for you to download. Pick and choose what you. We can even help you start out with free advice.

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Technology Business Case Template
5-page Word document. This is a Technology Business Case Template. It is a quick, to-the-point Business case for a typical Information Technology Project. The following sections are labeled: 1. High Level Project Description 2. Problem Analysis 3. Solution [read more]

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Business Requirements Definition
5-page Word document. This document is for documenting the Business Requirements Definition for a Data Warehousing or Systems Integration project. Some examples are included.

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Project Stakeholder Management Plan Template
12-page Word document. The Stakeholder Management Plan Template provides a guided approach to effectively identify, analyze and manage stakeholders for a project. This deliverable is developed during the project's planning phase and is usually created by a [read more]

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Project Quality Management Plan
29-page Word document. The Project Quality Management Plan provides a guided approach toward describing an organization's quality policies.  This template is comprehensive and professionally written and will help you describe the quality plan and how it will be [read more]

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