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Corporate Communications Business Documents (Page 10)

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Net Promoter Score Worksheet Tool
Listed under:  Corporate Communications  Operations
View more from: Safwan Khan
16-slide PowerPoint deck. Net Promoter Tool or Net Promoter Score (NPS) worksheet can be used to gauge the loyalty of your companies customer relationships. The NPS will make your Kano Diagram more accurate, help save you hours of work and you can use [read more]

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Pharma Image Layouts: Wellness
35-slide PowerPoint deck. PowerPoint Image Layouts Visually enhance your presentation with our image templates. Our extensive collection includes photo, portraits, various options for inserting image files, and portfolio layouts in an array of designs. Create a [read more]

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Email & Meetings Best Practice
Listed under:  Corporate Communications  Organization, Change, & HR
View more from: Dartview Consulting   Top Flevy Author [?]
16-slide PowerPoint deck. This document provides guidelines on expected Best Practice and Etiquette when using Email and Scheduling Meetings

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18-24 Month Business Game Plan
12-page Word document. When starting a business or even raising money from investors you need to show the investor or executives a clear roadmap of where you are at the moment and where you want to be in the future. We have created a professional 18 to 24-month [read more]

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Art of Supplier Negotiation: How to Get the Price You Need
8-page Word document. Every time you negotiate, you have to make choices that affect whether you achieve a successful outcome for your business. To get the best outcomes, you need to understand the steps involved in the negotiation process. While many [read more]

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Annual Financial Report
Listed under:  Corporate Communications  Corporate Finance
View more from: Safwan Khan
Excel workbook. Professionally created sleek and modern annual financial reporting worksheet. Need to show your manager the annual financial reports for the company, then this document is for you. It includes: - Financial reporting - Financial data input - Key metric settings

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Web Design Agreement
16-page Word document. Before outsourcing website design and development to another company then it is essential to draft a website design agreement and get it signed before you pay them for their services. I have an app & website development company myself [read more]

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P01 - Project Kick-Off
6-page Word document. This document provides guidelines and a sample agenda to plan and run a Project Kick-Off meeting. This document is part of the p3mg PM Framework

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Business Plan Moving Company
33-page Word document. Get a Business Plan for a moving company. The Business plan contains a detailed narrative of the industry and business along with graphs, charts and all financial worksheet documents (Income statement, balance sheet, and cash [read more]

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Dashboard Presentation Pack
Listed under:  Corporate Communications  PowerPoint Templates
View more from: Safwan Khan
10-slide PowerPoint deck. The dashboard presentation pack has 10 slides and will enable you to present your data in the simplest way possible. Once complete you will have a well-organized and professional presentation. It has a various number of charts that will [read more]

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