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Research - Linkage Between Strategic Alignment & Engagement
17-slide PowerPoint deck. Strategic Organizational Alignment has a strong relationship with meaningfulness of work and Engagement. How do you know you have alignment ? Strategic organizational alignment is both structural and psychological. Research which is [read more]

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Post-merger Integration (PMI): Revenue Synergies
27-slide PowerPoint deck. Stiff market competition, expansion into new territories, product portfolio extension, and gaining new capabilities are the prime reasons why more and more organizations are seriously looking into the prospects of—and carrying [read more]

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Post-merger Integration (PMI) Primer
25-slide PowerPoint deck. The process of M&A is like trying to complete a large puzzle when your right hand and your left hand have never worked together. In fact, M&A revolve around a plethora of moving parts. Going into this direction can be complicated. [read more]

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Sources of Value
29-slide PowerPoint deck. Companies face increasing pressure from governments, competitors, and employees to play a leading role in addressing a wide array of environmental, social, and governance issues existing in their Supply Chains. It could range from climate [read more]

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Organizational Sychronization & Culture Change Workshop
Listed under:  Organization, Change, & HR
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4-page PDF document. This workshop outline provides direction on how to get your organization in synch with your strategic direction and provides the means to assess and uncover cultural elements (e.g., espoused beliefs and basic assumptions) that are [read more]

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Collaboration within the Production and Value Chain
47-slide PowerPoint deck. In organisations collaboration is key, not only within the departments and teams but especially between the teams in the production or value chain. This set of insight will help you understand the pitfalls and the mechanisms that withhold [read more]

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A Practical Guide to Leading Change with Risk Assessment
Listed under:  Organization, Change, & HR
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10-slide PowerPoint deck and supporting Excel workbook. This is a one of kind practical guide to leading change. I present not only a description of each step but also key strategies and what success looks like. Additionally, I present the connection to culture change as it relates to the [read more]

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Circular Economy
24-slide PowerPoint deck. The global economy is currently producing nearly 300MM tons of plastic every year. Half of these are for single use. With population growing at a fast rate, we are requiring more resources than ever before. Yet, our finite resources are [read more]

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Corporate Philanthropy Primer
23-slide PowerPoint deck. Corporations can be a source of grant funding. Corporate grant programs sponsored by large, multinational corporations look identical to the grant programs run by foundations. This include a formal application process and well-defined [read more]

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Global Process Optimization
20-slide PowerPoint deck. Management processes--everything from how an organization manages risk to how it gets supplies for factories to how it manages and develops people--are some of the primary ways that global companies impose order and consistency on a [read more]

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