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Project Plan: Simple/Advanced Gantt Chart Templates/Examples
Listed under:  Operations  Strategy, Marketing, & Sales
View more from: Iansoderetso2
Excel workbook. Projects can be daunting, but the truth is that developing an effective project plan is a means of organising and delivering your project and helping the on-time, to-quality and to-cost delivery. Project failure often originates in the [read more]

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Resolving Workplace Conflicts: Employee Relations - Discrimination towards Disabled
4-page PDF document and supporting ZIP. Many disabilities are visible, but many disabilities aren't. Discriminating against obvious disabilities is overt and damaging enough to work relationships. Assuming there isn't a disability and then discriminating against perceived [read more]

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Resolving Workplace Conflicts: Employee Relations - Cultural/Ethnic Discrimination
4-page PDF document and supporting ZIP. Intolerance towards individuals who look different and speak differently does not take into consideration all of the talents, skills and abilities they bring to the team and the workplace, not to mention to diverse customers. Looking down [read more]

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Test Strategy Document Template
Listed under:  Information Technology
View more from: R Bradley Consulting
52-page Word document. This document is a very comprehensive test strategy template. It consists of some 52 pages that not only provides a structure for the sections required but provides sample content for each section extracted from a normalised client [read more]

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Bundle (4 Documents)
Process Improvement tools product bundle
There are 4 documents in this bundle:

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Agile Activity Groups
24-slide PowerPoint deck. Big corporation, by nature, maneuver like battleships. Held back by their own inertia and current business strategies, turning quickly can be difficult when competitive environment changes. Likewise, high performance as measured by [read more]

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GDPR Compliance Seminar
Listed under:  Information Technology  Operations
View more from: John Kyriazoglou
183-slide PowerPoint deck and supporting PDF. This is a presentation on how to comply with the requirements of GDPR and protect personal data in a more effective way. Contents of presentaion semniar 1. Introduction: Context, Prologue, Overview, Milestones, Benefits, [read more]

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Family Business: Third Generations Tensions
26-slide PowerPoint deck. When it is time for a family business to bring in a new generation, the ensuring complexity can pose a threat to survival. Every chain is only as strong as its weakest link. The old adage remains apt for family businesses whose weakest [read more]

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Demonstrating Leadership Values On-the-Job Every Day (Volume 1)
19-page PDF document. Each of us, no matter the position or title, have opportunities every day to demonstrate leadership values in our decisions, in our interactions with customers/clients, in how we related to our coworkers, among many others. When we think [read more]

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Knowledge Management Primer
26-slide PowerPoint deck. According to Peter Drucker, knowledge has power because it controls access to opportunity and advancement. The 21st century is undoubtedly the century of knowledge. The everyday usage of available advanced information and business [read more]

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