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Best Practices and Common Pitfalls Associated with Suppliers Involvement in NPD
Listed under:  Strategy, Marketing, & Sales
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13-page PDF document. Involving suppliers in new product development provides organizations with a range of benefits, including shorter development time, better quality products, and lower cost of development. In this new in-depth article Dr Sanda Berar delves [read more]

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The Benefits of Partnering with US Universities in the Era of Open Innovation
17-page PDF document. Today's University is a rich resource for companies seeking game-changing technological breakthroughs. In this in-depth article Melba Kurman looks at the benefits of open innovation partnerships between companies and American university [read more]

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Adaptive Approach to Managing Innovation - A Practical Guide for Managers
15-page PDF document. Innovation doesn't have to be a mystery. It can be organized and managed by people who are not, themselves, innovators. But management's usual command and control tools are not sufficient for this task. Innovation emerges from a system [read more]

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Creating a Culture of Innovation to Attract and Retain Top Talent
13-page PDF document. Many companies harbor narratives around overlooked opportunities that can come back to haunt them when it comes to attracting and retaining top talent. What can we do to develop the right culture? This in-depth-article explores: [read more]

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How to Improve Your Innovation ROI with Early Stage Patent Expertise
10-page PDF document. In this in-depth article Jackie Hutter, top IP Strategist and counselor to innovation driven organizations, writes about how to improve the ROI of innovation outcomes by including patent expertise in the front end of the innovation [read more]

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How to Unleash the Entire Innovation Potential with "Unconferences"
9-page PDF document. As already said so many times before; innovation is a necessity for any organization today. But how can you make it happen? In this in-depth article you will learn about an interesting approach to obtaining a huge innovation impulse, in [read more]

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How to Do User Innovation in Services
13-page PDF document. This article summarizes some interesting findings on service innovation deriving from a major Danish service innovation project. Based on case evidence, the article presents a service innovation model consisting of three layers: [read more]

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