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Halo Health International is a marketing company that focuses on Digital Patient Education in healthcare provider waiting and exam rooms. Jim Cucinotta is a co-founder of Halo Health and has over 20 years experience in leading sales, marketing, and operations teams. Jim has managed thousands of employees over his career and has worked on over 1,000 products that have made it to the retail shelves. Jim's content is easy to understand and to put into action.

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Digital Patient Education 101
Listed under:  Health & Safety
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36-page PDF document. Learn how to turn your exam and waiting areas into learning centers for your patients. Digital patient education is a must have for progressive health and wellness focused offices. Smarter patients are more likely to follow treatment [read more]

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Two Questions to Jumpstart Your Career
Listed under:  Organization, Change, & HR
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30-page PDF document. Many people plateau in their careers because they do not look at what drives them to succeed. They focus on the day to day reasons they are in a career rather than the emotional reasons. As a result, they job hop, are passed over for [read more]

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Crafting Your Company's Message
Listed under:  Strategy, Marketing, & Sales
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56-page PDF document. Your company's core message needs to work for all of your stakeholders- clients, employees, shareholders, suppliers, financial partners, and neighbors. This presentation helps you to find those core values of the message and how to craft [read more]

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