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High Touch Presentations is a team of current and ex-consultants from the Big 5.

The methodology, framework and approach here in our documents stand out with:

- These are custom frameworks built on the same basic theory but enhances the thinking-hat that consultations wear at client location and that will separate with you

- These are not just templates, there are guidelines embedded in them on how to articulate, fill and present to the client for maximum impact.

- These deliverable materials are real world documents, each responsible for closing deals more than 1 M USD, suitably anonymized .

- These deliverable materials are actual artifacts that were produced by consultants will bill rates as high as 500/hr on actual assignments, suitably anonymized.

- We provide free 30 minutes telephonic of guidance to each purchased frameworks use, just email us after you purchase!

- If you like what you see and need help in crafting your message to clinch that consulting deal, we have consultants that would work with you to craft your message and the pitch.

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Journey (Change) Management Playbook
Listed under:  Information Technology  Organization, Change, & HR
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39-slide PowerPoint deck. Journey Management defines an organization's vision or future state, develops a road map to get from the current to the desired future state, establishes a plan to achieve the business value from the change, and manages / measures progress [read more]

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IT Governance Framework
23-slide PowerPoint deck. All organisations have to have a framework to maintain, adapt and grow their IT applications, software and hardware alike, they have to manage vendors and they have to create scale-able a governance framework these [read more]

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Organisational Transformation Framework
Listed under:  Organization, Change, & HR
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12-slide PowerPoint deck. Organization Transformation fundamentally shifts underlying operating models with a goal of creating substantial business value.In a Dilbert cartoon the eponymous office hero casts his satirical eye over the process of organisational [read more]

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Current State Assessment
Listed under:  Information Technology  Operations
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32-slide PowerPoint deck. Many, if not all, management consulting engagements require that current state assessment is played back to the client to win his confidence in the engagement. This custom framework can help you do just that, more than template its also [read more]

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