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Asian Crisis
Listed under:  Economy
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16-slide PowerPoint deck. This power-point explains the contagion of the financial crisis of the 90s. The slides involve: - Pre-crisis Macroeconomic Fundamentals of Asian -Current Account Financing of Asian countries -What is speculative attack on a [read more]

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Wealth Creation: A Study of Collaborative Entrepreneurship at the Base of the Pyramid
Listed under:  Operations  Strategy, Marketing, & Sales
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8-page PDF document. The fact that entrepreneurs in extreme poverty are still able to create successful businesses with very limited knowledge and highly restricted funds means that wealth creation arises from other complex dynamics. Thus, focusing research on [read more]

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Aircraft Simulators: A Remedy to Sequestration in the US Air Force?
Listed under:  Information Technology
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11-page Word document. As the U.S has imposed sequestration on the U.S Air Force, readiness has been impacted. This paper studies the impact of the budget cut on readiness, that is to say the ability of the U.S Air Force to have a quick and efficient response to [read more]

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