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Download the easy paycheck stub template
The pay stub template is easy to edit
Customize the paycheck stub to meet your needs
You can even create a novelty paycheck stub
Don't use other fake paycheck stub templates
Get the easy paycheck stub template for just $

There may be several times in your life where you could use a good
paycheck stub template. Maybe you are self-employed and you need to get
a new apartment - but they want three recent paycheck stubs. You
obviously would not have any pay stubs as a self-employed person, but
with this pay stub template you can easily create a pay stub that reflects
your actual income. What if you just want a novelty check stub to play a
prank on a friend? You can use this as a fake paycheck stub template
because it is a real template. This means if you just want a fake paycheck
stub that looks real, then this is what you're looking for. Or, if you have
recently started up a small business and taken on some employees, you
may not have the funds for payroll software. That is where this easy-to-use
paycheck stub template comes into play.

You do not need any fancy software to use this paycheck stub template.
The file was created in Microsoft Word and is a DOC file. This means that it
can also be used in Open Office, which is a free Microsoft Office alternative.
Since the file is in Word format, it is easy to use and edit. You can tweak
the template to meet your individual needs.

Each paycheck stub template comes as a download with three pages. You
get the actual template that you can edit in Word or Open Office. You get a
page of detailed instructions on how to edit the file to meet your needs.
And you get a sample fake paycheck stub template that shows what it will
look like when it is completely filled out. You even get tips on how to
calculate out the earnings section of the paycheck stub template, in case
you need help with that part.

"Thanks for creating this pay stub template! It was so freaking easy to plug
in my info and print out a real looking paycheck stub." -- Nick, Oklahoma

"omg, you totally saved my life with this! I was looking for a fake paycheck
stub to get an apartment and this worked! thx!" -- jerseygrl88

"My link didn't work the first time, so thanks for helping with that. It was
easy to download, easy to follow instructions. great template overall." --
Jeannie, UK

Benefits of the Easy Paycheck Stub Template

Print as many times as you want
Easy to edit in Word or Open Office
Clear, easy-to-follow instructions
Every paycheck stub template comes with a sample fake check stub for

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