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Download our free Strategy & Transformation slides and templates.
Download our Strategy Development & Execution Primer for FREE.
Download our PPT Plugin for creating common business diagrams.
Digital Transformation is being adopted across most industries, resulting in Operational and Growth Improvements.
8 Disciplines is an 8 step problem solving methodology for both products and processes.
Value Stream Mapping is a Lean method used for current state analysis and future state design.
Understanding the Six Sigma Maturity Model is critical to a successful Six Sigma deployment.
Project Charter DMAIC Template
Quantify Waste Opportunities in a Production or Office Environment
Quantify 5S Opportunities in a Production or Office Environment
5 Why's Template
Risk Management Template
Download our free Digital Transformation slides and templates.
In the modern Digital era, Customer Experience has become the foundation to sustainable business growth.
Learn why IPA will be a foundational part of organizations' next-generation Operating Models.
Know the business impact and implications of the Coronavirus pandemic, as well as critical actions businesses should take.
Download our free Organization, Change, & Culture slides and templates.
Download our PowerPoint Toolkit for FREE.
CMM is a proven and well established framework to understand, manage, and improve the capabilities of any organization.
Understand RPA, the emerging form of process automation technology based on software robots and Artificial Intelligence.
Understand the 8 principles to achieve Operational Excellence.
Learn to create a Culture of Operational Discipline that leads to Operational Excellence.
Learn the Principles of the 5S/6S Philosophy and How to Successfully Implement It in Any Facility.
Design the optimal Mobile Journey and Experience for your customers.
Take Your Operational Excellence Program to the Next Level.
The Value-Switch for Digitalization Initiatives: Business Process Management
Identifying your charter is the first step to optimizing your services organization for customer success.
Learn to identify key predictive analytics and make better informed decisions about customer segmentation.
Esure the Executive Board is Bought in to Sustain a Successful OpEx Program.
Learn how to unlock Sales Growth with your Existing customers.
Learn how technology companies can establish and scale customer success.
Transform Your Business with Workplace Analytics.
Learn to align your organization and executive your Strategic Growth Plan.
Learn from 100+ leading companies moving into new cloud and managed services.
Investing wisely in service technology is critical for driving customer adoption and outcomes.
Download our compilation of 50 business quotes in PowerPoint slide format.
Pareto Chart Template
FMEA Template
Cause and Effect Diagram Template
Cause and Effect Matrix Template
Learn how to take a complex idea and communicate it clearly.
Learn How BPM Can Fuel Digital Transformation Initiatives within Your Organization
Decision Matrix
The Pugh Decision Matrix is a Six Sigma tool used to facilitate concept generation and selection.
House of Quality (QFD)m Template
Interrelationship Diagram Template
Data Collection Plan Template
Technology Roadmap Template
Project Charter DMADV Template
Control Plan Template
Prioritizer Template
IS ISNOT Template
Identify the 5 BPM trends and 4 CRM trends to accelerate Transformation in 2019.
Download this whitepaper on Empowerment 4.0 to drive Employee Engagement in your organization.
Know the 3 transformational questions extraordinary leaders answer correctly.
P-Value Interpretation
Test for Data Normality
Helicopter Design of Experiments (DOE) Template
How Do You Find and Fix Errors in Communication?
Learn the proven solutions to deal with employees who resist change.
Extrapolation Template
Interpolation Template
Learn to Transform Yourself and Your Organization to Be Prepared to Meet the Future
Take the 5 steps to reinforce your Digital Strategy in 2021.
What is the global state of Process Excellence & Transformation?
Download our guide to gain insights on CRM Strategy and make a well informed CRM buying decision.
Lay the groundwork to establishing a foundation for Operational Excellence with these 5 EON Toolkits.
Discover the secret Operational Excellence tools Motorola chose not to tell their competition in 1988.
Learn the 7 habits of highly salespeople that are being ignored by the average sales rep.
Here are the top "intelligent" tools CIOs can employ to deliver value for Marketing, Sales, and Service teams in 2020.
Learn to accelerate Business Transforming leveraging intelligent BPM tools, like AI.
Learn why most annual corporate retreats fail and what to do about it.
Discover the 7 Steps Digital Leaders can take to adapt to the new normal after COVID-19.
Know the tech trends of 2020 that every Digital Leader should embrace.
Achieve CRM lead management success.
Learn the critical capabilities for Sales Force Automation (SFA), reported by Gartner.
Understand how Low-Code helps CIOs support Strategies in a remote work world.
Understand Why Low Code Should Be Your Strategy for 2020.
Dominate Customer Engagement in 2020 with these technologies.
Join our live, interactive Strategic Leadership Immersion Workshop on January 9, 2019
Discover how to harness the power of Low-code and No-code tools.
Read the Award-Winning Case Study on Green Lean Six Sigma at WNS Global Services.
Discover the top AI tools every sales rep should use in 2020.
Learn why Low-code CRM is the right investment for CIOs and Digital Leaders in 2020.
Understand the 3 major concerns for every CIO and Digital Leader this Fall and Q4 2020.
Consistently great execution is possible. Learn how to create a world-class Strategy Execution System.
Understand how to do Value Stream Mapping and Process Mapping.
Watch our webinar: 5 Powerful Aspects of Low-code Technology That Strengthen Your CRM Initiatives (with Real-world Use Cases).
Learn to create Leadership pull for Operational Excellence. Make the CEO the number 1 advocate for OpEx.
This is an overview to the core product features of ISOQualitas PLM.
Learn what 150+ industry professionals and OpEx practitioners have to say on the most pressing issues in the industry.
Drive Business Transformation through Technology Benchmarking.
Listen to the best of the best share their experiences in business.
Read the Award-Winning Case Study on Customer Experience at Wipro.
Are your U.S. freight transportation costs too high?
What Is Mindfulness?
This is the Software Data Sheet for ISOQualitas PLM.
Download our Strategy Development Discussion Deck for FREE.
Gauge your organization's "readiness" for Rapid Corporate Transformation.
Organizational DNA helps us understand Organizational Behavior and aids in Organizational Design efforts.
Ensure you have the Talent and Bench to successfully implement your Strategic Agenda.
Learn the 3 major blunders in the early stages of Talent Management improvement.
[Free Tool] Leader Self-assessment (Coaching & Development Practices)
What's the expanded role for Front Line Leaders and Managers? Learn 4 frameworks this.
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