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Ehtisham Syed is a global strategy and risk (stratisk) based enterprise performance specialist and the creator of SPR framework. His leading-edge work makes him an acclaimed professional across the globe. He was acknowledged by the Austin-Texas based Expert Member Services as "360Expert" followed by "Expert of the month" early this year.

Ehtisham has written over 100 blog posts on stratisk based enterprise performance for lasting value. His expert comments regularly appear in high-profile LinkedIn groups including his own group titled "Strategy + Risk = Optimized Performance" which serves as the official discussion group on the content of SPR Capability Framework.

Before his current role, Ehtisham had more than a decade of grass root experience at leading organizations in Pakistan from financial services, real estate, British higher education and member services. He started his career early in sales and through these years got into different roles and responsibilities that transformed him into a well-rounded, multi-skilled professional as he is today.

Ehtisham's offerings range from executive, management and board awareness and training sessions, development and implementation of stratisk based tailored frameworks to cater to the needs and requirements of all types of entities.

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82-slide PowerPoint deck
Author: StratRisk

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Author: StratRisk

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