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SlideNirvana provides great-looking and ready to use PowerPoint presentations and slides.

Executives who regularly use PowerPoint to write reports and deliverables - consultants, bankers, marketers, sales execs, project managers, strategists, analysts, researchers - will find these slides a path to time-saving nirvana. At SlideNirvana, we understand the special characteristics of such documents from our own experience. These documents are usually shared virtually and hardly ever "presented" to an audience. Hence, they carry far more information on each slide than standard presentations. The slides at SlideNirvana have been created to specifically ease the job of writing such reports and deliverables.

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Project, Process & People Management
80-slide PowerPoint deck. Compilation of slides for Project, Process and People management. Project plans. Representations include multiple phases with text descriptions, phases with work-streams, phases with activity bars (Gantts) and quarterly and annual [read more]

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Strategic Frameworks (Compilation) BB
70-slide PowerPoint deck. 60 + great looking and ready to use PowerPoint slides of Strategic Frameworks & Models from SlideNirvana. Incredible value for money! A compilation of Strategic Frameworks slides from multiple SlideNirvana slide products including 2 by [read more]

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