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McCarthy & Affiliates

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Allan McCarthy, Principal of J. A. McCarthy & Affiliates, has 20+ years of experience across 15 industries and 200+ companies. Allan is a scaling expert that helps organizations determine how to best align strategy, organization structure and workforce capabilities in order to accelerate efficient scaling. Allan has worked directly with USA and foreign-based companies, such as, Cisco Systems, Raychem Corporation, SAP Inc., Redback Networks, BEA Systems and Ericsson. Allan has also supported a number of pre-IPO and early stage organizations (SmartMachines, DCard, Jazz Pharmaceuticals).

Allan's latest book Beyond Genius, Innovation & Luck: The "Rocket Science" of Building High-Performance Corporations, 4th Edition Publishing, 2011. It's not enough to be entrepreneurial, innovative, and generate great ideas. Those ideas need to be mobilized and commercialized through the machinery of a high-performing organization. Beyond Genius lays out the architecture necessary to build and lead a competitive company in the 21st century.

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Executive Team Building
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38-slide PowerPoint deck. Is your company being led by a group or a team? There is a big difference in top and bottom line performance between the two. More often than not, the teaming ability at the top of the organization is the determinant of success or [read more]

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