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When outcomes are critically important...
Frank is Managing Director, Francis P. Coyne + Associates Ltd., and formerly managing director of the Centre for Entrepreneurship at the IDA Enterprise Centre, Pearse St., Dublin, Ireland. Frank is a first place graduate in Industrial Engineering with more than thirty years management consulting and executive training experience. He is a consultant to national and international organisations, Banks, Financial and Professional Services organisations, Utilities, Government Agencies, the Graduate School of Business UCD, Not-for-profit organisations and growth-oriented SME's.

Our Mission is to empower individuals and organisations to significantly enhance their performance capabilities, creative potential, adaptability and quality of working life. In our view, prosperity and competitiveness depend primarily on the extent to which organisations anticipate and respond purposefully to change and the extent to which human talent, at every level throughout the organisation, is developed and engaged in the value creation process. Our benchmark quite simply is excellence and our over-riding goal is to add value to everything we do on behalf of our clients.

We work in partnership with a number of major organisations in the design and presentation of 'action-learning' programmes to achieve specific results. Many of these programmes integrate business development, training and mentoring into a seamless process. Our Programmes and Workshops are renowned for their practicality and their ability to unlock the psychological energy that motivates achievement, innovation and learning - the keys to engagement, loyalty, talent retention and ultimately, a better bottom-line.

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Author: Consult FCA

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