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I?m a B2B business development specialist and copywriter having helped some high tech heavy hitters, like Seagate and Honeywell, but mainly SMBs to sell complex, expensive and hard-to-explain products and services to smart, savvy and sophisticated clients, so they can land the right clients with the right projects at the right prices.

In my 16 years in the high tech field as an engineer, programmer, project manager and technical buyer, I spent time evaluating and selecting a broad range of high tech products, services and suppliers, and this diverse experience allows me to relate to buyers and their problems significantly better than those business developers who don?t understand the industry from the inside.

So, I create all my documents and processes from the buyer?s perspective and align everything with buyers decision-making psychology.

So, if you need more sales leads and better clients with sexier projects and larger budgets, and want to do all this without the hassle of hiring and managing more salespeople, I?d like to invite you to check my literary masterpieces and see what you can use them for.

And even if they eventually end up as bid cage liners, as they will, I hope before they get there and little Pippi, Tilli or Huggy Buggie do their jobbies on them, they can serve you in a more noble and useful way as well.

"Raise your sights! Blaze new trails! Compete with the immortals!"

Tom "Bald Dog" Varjan
High Tech Business Development Specialist & Copywriter

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