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Flevy Executive Learning

Program: Talent Management for C-level and Beyond
This program teaches you a proven framework and turnkey toolkit to Talent Management. Our program is comprised of 3 core modules:
Module 1: Getting Started—Getting Traction
Module 2: Strategically Supporting the Business
Module 3: "Building Out" a Mature Talent Management System

About Flevy Executive Learning

Flevy Executive Learning is a series of online management education programs. We help leaders of tomorrow—i.e. those on track to the C-suite in the next 1-5 years—accelerate their career growth to become successful business executives. The focus of each program is on execution, implementation, and application—not on theory. All programs are led by former executives who have "done it" before. Each program is comprised of both Learning & Application (L&A) lectures and Q&A discussion sessions; and will draw extensively from the instructor's real-world experience as a business executive.

About Our Program: Talent Management for C-level and Beyond

Producing a pipeline of talent required for the future is broadly recognized across the world as a business imperative! At the same time, there is a serious disparity—Boards of Directors and C-Level executives rate their "lack of a leadership pipeline" as a major deterrent to innovation, growth, productivity, and profitability.

This program aims to change this by providing a proven framework and turnkey toolkit—scalable to any size of organization. Our methodology is a refreshing and different, common-sense approach, which will work for you and for your organization. You will learn best practices discovered in premiere organizations, such as FedEx, Baxter International, Bank of America, and other firms. You will also come to discover and understand how we have truly over-complicated this talent issue. Thus, this program will be about simplification and "common sense" workable solutions.

Our program materials are structured into 3 modules.

Module 1: Getting Started—Getting Traction

Two major missteps are the death knell of many Talent Management efforts. Namely, these are:

  1. C-Suite and HR Alignment: The C-Suite is not strategically linked to Human Resources around talent to provide the guidance required to plan and implement the strategy.
  1. Lack of Assessment Information: A lack of ability to quickly and effectively gather qualitative individual assessment information. Thus, the data available is useless, the talent reviews are "a conspiracy of politeness" and non-productive. As a result, the Talent Management Process dies before it comes out of the starting blocks!

We will explore 2 processes that will go far in "fixing" these central issues to create the solid foundation an organization requires. Without this, everything else fails. Additionally, you will be provided an overall, proven Talent Management Map, which we will push into in each module of the course.

Module 2: Strategically Supporting the Business

Qualitative talent and organization capability information is the admission ticket for talent deliberations surrounding strategy. If that information is distilled and formatted, it will add significantly to answer questions, e.g. pre-emptive moves in the marketplace, etc. We will provide you a Bench-Strength® Report. Additionally, you will be able to sign-in and "test drive" a Leadership Pipeline® Dashboard between Modules 2 and 3.

Module 3: "Building Out" a Mature Talent Management System

Modules 1 and 2 provide the essential elements. However, to fully "build out the system," we will cover 2 important and complementary steps:

  1. Workforce Planning: Now that the activities are focused on the strategy of the organization, we can make more informed plans to execute toward a differentiated workforce that can deliver the organization capabilities required.
  1. Measurement & Analytics: Analytics must be an integral part of a system since it helps document impact and direct resources. It is necessary to move toward predictive analytics—looking at the past or present, supplemented with insights about the future. There must be a discipline to measure what is right, not what is easy.
Those steps will be complemented by providing a framework that can assist in installing a Leadership Pipeline® Dashboard for the C-Suite and the "feeder system" by line management. To assist in implementation of the Talent Management Process, we will be discussing a Change model that can assist you "back home."

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About Our Instructor: Dr. Charlie Bishop


Dr. Charlie Bishop is an accomplished, seasoned executive and published author. Charlie has over 20+ years of experience in senior level positions at Fortune 100 companies, including Federal Express, Baxter, and Bank of America, leading these organizations through significant changes.

His book, Making Change Happen One Person at a Time, is published by AMACOM and cited by a study group led by David Ulrich and Tony Lake. The University of Michigan Business School has cited Dr. Bishops's book as 1 of the 20 best books on Change in the past 40 years.

Charlie is presently the Managing Partner of The Profitability Formula LLC, where he consults and coaches leadership teams to help their organizations drive profitable, sustainable growth.

Read more about our instructor here.

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This is a 7-week program, beginning next Wednesday, June 1. There are 7 sessions in total, as tabulated below.

Each lecture will be approximately 30 minutes and pre-recorded. These lectures and all supporting materials (e.g. presentations, templates, whitepapers) will be made available for students through their Flevy accounts on the morning of the session day. Students also have an opportunity to submit questions for the instructor to answer. The Q&A session will be 30-60 minutes (depending on the questions asked) and live. We will schedule one or more Q&A sessions to accommodate all the students in the program.


  • Module 1

    • June 1: Learning & Application (L&A) Session 1
    • June 8: L&A Session 2

  • Module 2

    • June 15: L&A Session 3
    • June 22: L&A Session 4

  • Module 3

    • June 29: L&A Session 5
    • July 6: L&A Session 6

  • All Modules

    • July 13: Q&A Session

Students can also schedule private 45-min Executive Coaching / Strategic Advisory Support session with the instructor, Dr. Charlie Bishop, at $300 per session.



  • Copies of all presentations and associated tools. All lecture presentations will be made downloadable in digital format, so you can print and save them for reference.
  • Recordings of all sessions. From your Flevy account, you can view all sessions and participate in the online Q&A.
  • Networking opportunity. You will be invited to our private LinkedIn Group for students and alumni of the Flevy Executive Learning.
  • Certificate of completion. A certificate of completion, signed by the instructor, will be provided at the end of the program. To receive this certificate, the instructor will first perform an assessment that you've successfully learned the materials taught in this program. Please note Flevy is not an accredited institution.

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