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Flevy Executive Learning

Program: Empowerment 4.0
Empowerment 4.0 teaches you what they don't teach about managing in management school. Our program is comprised of 3 core modules:
Module 1: The Effective Manager
Module 2: The 5 Requirements of Effective Managers
Module 3: The 3 Things Managers Do to Kill Performance

About Flevy Executive Learning

Flevy Executive Learning is a series of online management education programs. We help leaders of tomorrow—i.e. those on track to the C-suite in the next 1-5 years—accelerate their career growth to become successful business executives. The focus of each program is on execution, implementation, and application—not on theory. All programs are led by former executives who have "done it" before. Each program is comprised of both Learning & Application (L&A) lectures and Q&A discussion sessions; and will draw extensively from the instructor's real-world experience as a business executive.

About Our Program: Empowerment 4.0

The focus of this program is to help managers of managers (and to some extent managers of non-managers) understand the elements that need to be in place for effective teams. Special attention is provided to the fundamentals that must be in place for teams (and teams of teams) to operate at their best. Most management training focuses on the "soft skills:" leadership, meetings, performance feedback meetings, coaching, writing skills, negotiating skills, delegation skills, and so on. These sessions are more fundamental and can help managers deal with root-cause issues of why they are not getting the team performance they desire and should be able to expect.

Module 1: The Effective Manager

As a manager you are the most important link your team members have to the organization. You control their resources, provide them with feedback, and help smooth the way to success. But our research shows that managers are spending only about half their time on value-added work. This means your critically important managerial leadership work is probably not getting done. If you are not doing your managerial work, your team, your team members, and their teams cannot perform at their best. In this module, we will help you understand your role as a leader and as a manager. You will learn about accountability, and why it is a critically important tool in your toolbox.

Module 2: The 5 Requirements of Effective Managers

As executives and managers in organizations, we don't need research to tell us that engaged and empowered employees drive success. The missing link in most people's minds, is that engagement is driven by the effectiveness of managers. So how do the most effective managers manage? Managerial sciences literature and business self-help books have a multitude of suggested approaches. Writers such as Elliott Jaques, Peter Drucker, and others have put forward the fundamentals of managerial leadership. Effective Managers™ has distilled these approaches into the 5 Requirements of Effective Managers. In this module, you will receive an introduction to these five requirements with practical examples for how you can improve your team's effectiveness today.

Module 3: The 3 Things Managers Do to Kill Performance

People want to do well. They want to be successful, they want their team to be successful, and they want the organization to be successful. So why aren't all organizations top performing? In this module, we will help you understand the three things that managers do to kill performance, and what you should do instead. Here are the three performance killers:

  • We delegate work, but don't take into account the cross functional implications
  • We assume all our team members are focused on value-added work
  • We promote the best performing member of the team to be the next manager when there is a vacancy

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About Our Instructor: Dwight Mihalicz


Dwight is the founder and President of Effective Managers™, a management consulting firm based in Canada that provides services globally through a network of consulting firms. He is the Chair of the Board of the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI) and holds the CMC professional designation. In 2018, he was recognized as a Fellow CMC by CMC-Canada; and is also a Fellow of the Business Excellence Institute.

He has over 40 years of organization experience in a broad variety of organizations and situations. Over this period he has been required to focus on and solve complex problems in local, national, and global settings. Throughout his career, he has developed extensive expertise in supporting improvement processes with large organizations.

An author of many papers and publications, Dwight has published The Effective CEO: The Balancing Act that Drives Sustainable Performance, a book that explores the key functions that must be carried out by a successful CEO.

Read more about our instructor here.

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This is a 7-week program, beginning next Wednesday, December 13. There are 7 sessions in total, as tabulated below.

Each lecture will be approximately 30 minutes and pre-recorded. These lectures and all supporting materials (e.g. presentations, templates, whitepapers) will be made available for students through their Flevy accounts on the morning of the session day. Students also have an opportunity to submit questions for the instructor to answer. The Q&A session will be 30-60 minutes (depending on the questions asked) and live. We will schedule one or more Q&A sessions to accommodate all the students in the program.


  • Module 1

    • December 13: Learning & Application (L&A) Session 1
    • December 20: L&A Session 2

  • Module 2

    • December 27: L&A Session 3
    • January 3: L&A Session 4

  • Module 3

    • January 10: L&A Session 5
    • January 17: L&A Session 6

  • All Modules

    • January 24: Q&A Session

Students can also schedule private 45-min Executive Coaching / Strategic Advisory Support session with the instructor, Dwight Mihalicz, at $99 per session.



  • Copies of all presentations and associated tools. All lecture presentations will be made downloadable in digital format, so you can print and save them for reference.
  • Recordings of all sessions. From your Flevy account, you can view all sessions and participate in the online Q&A.
  • Networking opportunity. You will be invited to our private LinkedIn Group for students and alumni of the Flevy Executive Learning.
  • Certificate of completion. A certificate of completion, signed by the instructor, will be provided at the end of the program. To receive this certificate, the instructor will first perform an assessment that you've successfully learned the materials taught in this program. Please note Flevy is not an accredited institution.

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There are only 9 spots left at $349.
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