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Program: Transformation Leader's Guide (The Online Course)
This program teaches you the Accelerated Corporate Transformation (ACT) process, a proven methodology for Rapid Transformation pioneered by world-renowned Corporate Transformation expert, Robert H. Miles. This program is comprised of 10 modules.

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About Flevy Executive Learning

Flevy Executive Learning is a series of online management education programs. We help leaders of tomorrow—i.e. those on track to the C-suite in the next 1-5 years—accelerate their career growth to become successful business executives. The focus of each program is on execution, implementation, and application—not on theory. All programs are led by former executives who have "done it" before. Each program is comprised of both Learning & Application (L&A) lectures and Q&A discussion sessions; and will draw extensively from the instructor's real-world experience as a business executive.

About Our Program: Transformation Leader's Guide (The Online Course)

First, please note this a 10-week program and thus follows a different schedule and format than the typical 7-week FEL programs. It does not include a Q&A session. For full details, please refer to the Additional Program Information section.

The Accelerated Corporate Transformation (ACT) methodology is a proven, enterprise-level process architecture. It enables an executive leader to rapidly orchestrate the launch of the next major phase of his or her organization in a simple, high-engagement manner to achieve breakthrough results.

The ACT methodology has been successfully implemented in some of the most iconic Corporate Transformations, including Apple, General Electric, IBM Global Services, Symantec, National Semiconductor, Office Depot, PricewaterhouseCoopers, PGA Tour, Rockwell International, Infineon Technologies, Southern Company, and Black & Veatch, as well as a number of emerging high-tech companies.

The ACT process architecture has been designed to quickly focus, align, and engage the full organization and then rigorously follow through for execution. It was also designed to be run by business leaders with light consulting and implementation support the first time through. ACT allows managers at all levels to effectively lead Organizational Transformation and Strategy Execution on their own, and it becomes part of a more rigorous management process by the end of the first year of implementation.

The proven ACT methodology succeeds because in each case, it adapts to the organization's specific Transformation challenges, supports leaders at all levels in the organization, creates well operationalized Transformation initiatives, aligns all subunits and engages all employees, overcomes the major "inhibitors" to Transformation launches, and quickly brings about breakthrough results.

The origins of ACT may be traced back to an innovative executive program chaired by Robert H. Miles at the Harvard Business School. The program invited CEO, business presidents, and their teams to the Harvard campus for 2 weeks, during which time they worked together to help each leader develop a plan for dealing with the major challenge confronting their organization. Executives and their teams returned to campus 9 months later to explore what they learned from trying to overcome their Corporate Transformation challenges. Follow up with these corporate teams and research conducted on their patterns of successes and failures formed the foundations of the ACT methodology.

Our program materials are structured into 10 modules.

  • Module 1: The Transformation Leader's Challenge
  • Module 2: The Transformation Leader's Accelerators
  • Module 3: The Foundations of ACT
  • Module 4: Structure Your Transformation Launch
  • Module 5: Craft Your Launch Process
  • Module 6: The Focus Phase
  • Module 7: The Align Phase
  • Module 8: The Engage Phase
  • Module 9: The Execute Phase
  • Module 10: Final Thoughts

About Our Instructor: Robert H. Miles


Robert H. Miles, Ph.D., President, Corporate Transformation Resources, is a global thought and practice leader in the fields of Corporate Transformation and Executive Leadership.

Through his decades of experience and leading 30+ Corporate Transformations, Bob has pioneered the Accelerated Corporate Transformation (ACT) methodology.

Read more about our instructor here.

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This is a 10-week program, beginning next Wednesday, April 24. There are 10 sessions in total, as tabulated below.

Each lecture will be approximately 30 minutes and pre-recorded. These lectures and all supporting materials (e.g. presentations, templates, whitepapers) will be made available for students through their Flevy accounts on the morning of the session day. Students also have an opportunity to submit questions for the instructor to answer. This program does not have a Q&A session. Instead, the final (10th) session offers some final thoughts and advice on the ACT process. It also includes a self assessment of your comprehension of and preparation for leading or supporting a Rapid Transformation.


  • Module 1

    • April 24: The Transformation Leader's Challenge

  • Module 2

    • May 1: The Transformation Leader's Accelerators

  • Module 3

    • May 8: The Foundations of ACT

  • Module 4

    • May 15: Structure Your Transformation Launch

  • Module 5

    • May 22: Craft Your Launch Process

  • Module 6

    • May 29: The Focus Phase

  • Module 7

    • June 5: The Align Phase

  • Module 8

    • June 12: The Engage Phase

  • Module 9

    • June 19: The Execute Phase

  • Module 10

    • June 26: Final Thoughts



  • Copies of all presentations and associated tools. All lecture presentations will be made downloadable in digital format, so you can print and save them for reference.
  • Recordings of all sessions. From your Flevy account, you can view all sessions and participate in the online Q&A.
  • Networking opportunity. You will be invited to our private LinkedIn Group for students and alumni of the Flevy Executive Learning.
  • Certificate of completion. A certificate of completion, signed by the instructor, will be provided at the end of the program. To receive this certificate, the instructor will first perform an assessment that you've successfully learned the materials taught in this program. Please note Flevy is not an accredited institution.

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