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This is a bundle of 4 documents related to Telemarketing, including both scripts and instructional materials. The above preview is 1 document. Include documents: * How to [read more]

You can use this Channel Marketing Budget template to help you decide how much you want to spend on your marketing channel activities. Along with the overall marketing budget, [read more]

This template is for a Channel Strategy, Selection, and Management Plan. It is broken down into the sections of Channel Strategy, Channel Plan, Channel Selection, and Channel [read more]

This template is for a detailed Revenue Plan. Revenue is forecasted against various worlds: Optimistic, Most Likely, and Pessimistic. Various charts are also produced (see preview above).

This template is for creating and Event Budget Plan. It applies to event budget templates, event planning, and expense reports.

This template is designed to help a financial services company (e.g. small bank, mortgage broker, or savings-and-loan company) create and plan five years of financial information. [read more]

This template is designed to help marketing, sales, and finance teams forecast the market share for a new product or service. You can use the template to forecast annual revenue [read more]

This is a very high-level template built in Excel for capturing your Marketing Budget over a 1-year timeframe. Default categories are Personnel, Market Research, Marketing [read more]

This Excel-based Marketing Budget Plan contains the following spend categories: Research Communications Networking Event - Meal - List Services - Audio/Visual Services - [read more]

This Excel template is used to track the various marketing tactics/initiatives required to execute the marketing strategy. For each key marketing deliverable, we capture the [read more]

This template is designed to help marketing channel managers analyze how their companies spent marketing funds allocated to channel partners. You can use the template to assess [read more]

The purpose of this template is to help you develop return-on-marketing-investment (ROMI) indices (indices of your expected results) for each type of marketing based either on [read more]

This Excel workbook acts as an Event Management Project Tracker. It can track planned hours, actual hours, and rates, for the following roles: - Account manager - Project [read more]

This Company Target Analysis workbook is built in MS Excel. It captures pipeline activity of target sales vs. actual sales.

This Competitive Comparison workbook is built in MS Excel. It provides for a comparison of strengths and weaknesses for both you and your competitors.

This Competitive Analysis worksheet built in MS Excel will help you evaluate and compare your company vs. competitors.

This is a basic template built in MS Word of a standard press release.

The purpose of this Strategic Account Business Plan (MS Word) is to document information about the account in a single document and to identify opportunities for a long-term [read more]

This very basic Sales Report is built in MS Excel and driven by a pivot table. You can filter by customer and/or product.

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