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 FlevyPro Library 


A collection of 5 types of charts/diagrams built in Excel: 1. Pie charts 2. Doughnut charts 3. Column charts 4. Bar charts 5. Line charts

This Excel workbook creates a 12-month calendar, with 1 month per tab. It is built for 2005 and will need to be customized for different year(s).

This Excel workbook creates a 10 years worth of calendars, with each tab representing a separate year. It is built for the years 2005-2014 and will need to be customized for different year(s).

This Excel workbook is calculates your Annuity Investment returns based on a few key inputs: - Present value - Interest rate - Contribution each month

This Excel form helps you determine the optimal business structure (i.e. Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Corporation, S Corp, LLC) based on tax liabilities.

This 20-page Basis of Schedule document is created in MS Word. This can be used as a template / starting point for your own Basis of Schedule.

Office Maintenance Schedule built in Excel. Captures key tasks and maintenance frequency.

MS Excel includes a tool called solver that uses techniques from the operations research to find optimal solutions for all various types of decision problems. This workbook [read more]

The Supplier Analysis Scorecard is built in Excel. It provides a scoring of your supplier based on 9 categories: - Price - Number of years in business - Reputation within [read more]

This Bid/No Bid Assessment and Checklist is built in Excel. It scores and evaluates an opportunity based on criteria in the following categories: - Prospect Information - [read more]

This Career Planning Checklist is built in MS Excel. It is broken down into 5 sections: 1. Self-Assessment 2. Assess Opportunities 3. Analyze Your Self-Assessment and [read more]

This Daily Work Schedule template is created in MS Excel.

The Latitude-Longitude Converter converts latitude and longitude values from decimal to degrees/minutes/seconds. It is a tool built in MS Excel.

This is a Personal Development Action Plan template built in MS Word.

This is an Excel-based hotel form a hotel. Audit sections covered include Breakfast, Health & Safety, Housekeeping, Reception, and Rooms.

This Excel-based ROI calculator is created for the following type of restaurant: Outdoor Cafe with retractable sunroom.

This is a basic Annual Procurement Plan template built in MS Excel.

The Travel Calendar Planner is built in MS Excel. It includes a summary calendar, checklist, and detailed daily activity/schedule breakdowns.

IT system testing involves a variety of methods for confirming the system function and performance. Different types of tests are performed to confirm various aspects of the [read more]

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