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 FlevyPro Library 

Lean Six Sigma primers in editable PowerPoint form produced by Vishnu Rayapeddi, a pioneer in Lean Management.


This presentation provides an introduction to Lean R&D. So, what is Lean R&D? Lean is an ever-evolving philosophy, based on proven principles and practices aimed at the [read more]

This document is a high level introduction to Lean Thinking, a management philosophy to guide new-age business thinking, where management is under pressure to reduce costs while [read more]

This deck provides an introduction to Competitive Manufacturing. The concept Competitive Manufacturing is used to describe a range of systematic manufacturing practices, [read more]

Dr. W. Edwards Deming (1900-1993) is considered to be the Father of Modern Quality. Dr. Deming preached that to achieve the highest level of performance requires more than a good [read more]

This deck provides an introduction to the lean concepts of Visual Workplace and 5S. The goal of the Visual Workplace is to create a safe, clean, and organized workplace where [read more]

This presentation on Lean Management focuses on the concept of Lean Leadership and its effect on Lean Culture.

This presentation was developed and presented to an NZPICS members' event. NZPICS is the Association for Operations and Supply Chain Professionals.

This presentation focuses on Lean Management and Sustainability Strategis (e.g. "Green"). This deck was developed for and presented to the NZTE (New Zealand Trade & [read more]

This 28-slide deck was presented for the Lean Thinkers' Networking Event (May 2010). It provides an overview to Lean concepts and discusses Lean implementation (with real project examples).

This presentation explains the Baldrige Management System Model, a framework on performance excellence developed by Malcolm Baldrige. Topics include: * Malcolm Baldrige * [read more]

This is the actual presentation used in the Kelly Seminar Series (May 2010). Topics covered in this presentation: * Lean Supply Chain/Logistics Management Case Study - [read more]

Topics covered in this presentation: * Lean Overview * Lean Pioneers * Lean Construction * Value Stream Mapping

Topics covered in this presentation: * Lean Thinking * Toyota Production System (TPS) * Lean Implementation * Operations Transition to Lean * Value Stream Mapping * Lean [read more]

This is the actual presentation used at a Lean Thinkers' Networking Event. Topics covered in this presentation include: * Closed Loop Quality Management * PACE Framework * [read more]

This presentation breaks down the 12 steps to TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) implementation.

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