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 FlevyPro Library 

Various Lean Games (e.g. JIT simulation, time management) developed by Vishnu Rayapeddi, a pioneer in Lean Management.


This is a simple activity to better understand creative thinking. The essence of the activity is: I am going to ask you 5 questions. You have to write down an answer to [read more]

This is an exercise to practice Kanban calculations (e.g. Takt Time, Yamazumi, bumber of Kanban).

This is a simple exercise to appreciate the importance of Corporate Communication.

This Just-in-Time (JIT) Flow Simulation, otherwise known as the "Paper Airplane" exercise, is a simple, but powerful, teaching tool that allows the demonstration of nearly every [read more]

This exercise illustrates various steps of 5S: 1. Sort 2. Set in order 3. Standardize

This exercise involves using your hands as a metaphor, where the individual fingers represent various corporate relationships (e.g. Team, Suppliers, Clients, Retailers, etc.).

The objective of the "Yes, But" game is to help people identify the simple behavioural "reflexes" that kill creativity. It also teaches people to understand what can be done to change these reflexes.

This brief 15-question quiz allows you and your team to understand your time management skill by calculating your "Time Management Effectiveness Quotient."

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