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 FlevyPro Library 

Various Lean Case Studies developed by Vishnu Rayapeddi, a pioneer in Lean Management.


This is a Lean case study of "Continuous Flow Applied to Batch Manufacture of Tanks" for an Engineering & Metal Fabrication Company. BACKGROUND This organisation's [read more]

This Lean case study aids in understanding of Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE), as applied to an automotive parts manufacturer.

This Lean case study details problem solving methods applied to improve quality, as applied to an Electronics Manufacturer. BACKGROUND This manufacturing company is a [read more]

This Lean case study illustrates quick changeover, as applied to pharmaceutical blister packing. BACKGROUND This company was the 2nd largest manufacturing company in [read more]

This Lean case study illustrates Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP), as applied to Mainland Products Limited, a consumer foods producer.

This Lean case study illustrates continuous flow applied to job shop assembly of display units (for a Printing and Packaging company). BACKGROUND This company is New [read more]

This deck presents a status update on the Lean implementation after 2 years at NZ King Salmon, a 400+ people SME organization specializing in the production of freshwater [read more]

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