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Business Executive Interviews is a podcast series created by Flevy.com. In each episode, we interview a business executive on a topic of interest to the Flevy.com business community. Most interviewees are within Flevy's network of FlevyPro subscribers, Flevy authors, and partners.


Roger Price is the CEO of Phase 5 Group (P5G) and the visionary behind EON, the world's first Operational Excellence management solution. [read more]

Dawn Ringrose is an expert in Organizational Excellence and creator of the Organizational Excellence Framework (OEF). Dawn Ringrose has worked with organizations across sectors [read more]

Dr. Stephen Sweid has lived and worked in many countries West and East, including in the hi tech sector for a number of years in the USA and the UK. He is an international senior [read more]

Peter DiGiammarino is a professional CEO with over 30 years of success leading businesses that target tight public and private markets around the world. In addition to running [read more]

Owner of Hycap Consulting, John Roe joins David Wolf to discuss the many areas he consults around in his business. He discusses the importance of Training and Education in fully [read more]

Shane Goldberg helps companies of all sizes to "wow" their customers by unlocking new areas of growth through defining, measuring and improving customer experience across all [read more]

Charles Fiaccabrino, AKA Mr. Roche, is a seasoned sales executive and author of the Fiaccabrino Selection Process (FSP), a proven methodology for increasing sales and reducing [read more]

Ramani Sankaran, founder of GRT Consulting, is a subject matter expert on Project, Program, and Portfolio Management with over 25 years of experience. He has extensive experience [read more]

Davina Stanley, co-founder of Clarity College, author of "The 'So What' Strategy," and an ex-McKinsey Communications Specialist of 18+ years, is a subject matter expert on [read more]

Dr. Chris Stout advises and provides assistance in the areas of for-profit technology, start-ups in the healthcare and medicine space, clinical practices and healthcare systems, [read more]

Anthony Gable, owner of Echelon Associates, is an expert in the field of Strategic Planning, having worked in this discipline for several decades, since the 60s. He has been [read more]

Founder of the Highway of Change, Ron Leeman is a thought leader, mentor, research, and facilitator of workshops & seminars on Change Management. He has been a Change, Process, [read more]

Founder of the Global Risk Community, Boris Agranovich is an entrepreneurial business leader with 30+ years of global experience in Financial Services, IT, and Consulting. He has [read more]

Nitiin Khandkar, founder of Beyond Quant InvestTraining, is a Chartered Accountant from India with over 20 years of experience in Equity Research and Investment Management. Over [read more]

Our guest on this segment, David Fradin, has over 45 years of product management, product marketing management and senior management, experience. Over the years, he has been [read more]

Howard Highsmith, CMC Emeritus, "The Greyfox," is a seasoned Sales Executive and Management Consultant with several decades of Sales Management experience, achieving "breakout [read more]

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