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Who Is Dr. Charlie Bishop?


Dr. Charlie Bishop is an accomplished, seasoned executive and published author. Charlie has over 20+ years of experience in senior level positions at Fortune 100 companies, including Federal Express, Baxter, and Bank of America, leading these organizations through significant changes. His book, Making Change Happen One Person at a Time, is published by AMACOM and cited by a study group led by David Ulrich and Tony Lake. The University of Michigan Business School has cited Dr. Bishop's book as 1 of the 20 best books on Change in the past 40 years.

Perhaps the best testament to Charlie's expertise in Change and Talent Management is through the numerous testimonials from CEOs and senior corporate officers. Here is a small sampling:

"The necessity of change is now a universal business mantra. Charlie Bishop provides an excellent blueprint—helpful tools and his approach for making change happen a reality, rather than a slogan. He knows what he is talking about. Call him."

– Fred Smith, Chairman of FedEx

"We found the Human Asset Inventory® and the follow-on useful tools to evaluate the talent base... to look at gaps we had in change. Candor of the process was a key element in creating the environment of teamwork that we needed. Once the team addresses the talent picture and development process—taking tough decisions and accelerating candor—our executive team was able to move quickly."

– Laura Karet, CEO of Giant Eagle

"Any CEO/COO should look at the The Profitability Formula process as a series of tools to help them; particularly, if you are attempting to take a company to the next level; or, if an organization is turning itself around. It is a quick evaluation process that provides objective and in-depth information about people... an invaluable tool to me and the management team. It provided us with a quick jump start."

– Steve Ruzika, Chairman of LifeSafety

"I can say without a doubt that Charlie Bishop's approach with the Human Asset Inventory® is the most significant tool to change a culture. At the University of Pennsylvania, we were able to take a good system to great. At the University of Mississippi, it was a critical piece to affect the turnaround we had to make."

– Dr. Will Ferninany, CEO of the University of Alabama-Birmingham Health Systems

"Charlie Bishop's approach is different and well received—not bureaucratic and just very focused. We were able to quickly assess the talent in a merger—quickly and effectively. It provided for us information to drive the new organization to the next level. The Human Asset Dashboard® provides us with the essential information we must have for the future."

– Jim Karis, Chairman of Shield Therapeutics

"When confronted with sticky turnaround or growth situations, one needs solid, objective information on which to base decisions. This process is particularly helpful when you have a need to think differently—a good barometer to figure out whether those that got the company in the present state can get it to the next level."

– Pat Flinn, former Chairman/CEO of Bank South and EVP of NationsBank

"Charlie Bishop was the primary architect of the human performance systems in the early days of Federal Express. He has continued to add to that experience base with experience in four additional Fortune 500 corporations. The Human Asset Inventory® is a breakthrough in assessing talent. I have seen it make a difference."

– Paul Lucking, COO of the HealthExchange Market

"Charlie Bishop has a process and solid tools to help a team undertake change. His approach and processes 'tells the truth'... extremely well received at senior levels, provides a path forward. Solid professional... call him!"

– Betsy Riley-Wasserman, SVP of Change Integration at CX Industries

Dr. Bishop is presently the Managing Partner of The Profitability Formula LLC, where he consults and coaches leadership teams to help their organizations drive profitable, sustainable growth.


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