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Health & Safety Business Documents (Page 9)

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Spiders, Bees, Wasps and Mosquito's - Safety Talk
18-page PDF document. In Australia we have a variety of different spiders and stinging insects. The most harmful spiders include the Red Back spider and the Funnel Web spider. Some of the more harmful insects include bees, wasps and mosquito?s.

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Fire Equipment AU - Safety Talk
24-page PDF document. Fire extinguishers are designed to extinguish small fires. When a fire does break out you must be able to quickly select the correct extinguisher and extinguish the fire before it spreads and gets out of control. You must also be able to [read more]

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Emergency Control and Response - Safety Talk
22-page PDF document. Companies have a legal and moral responsibility for managing safety and loss control. This includes having an effective Emergency Control and Response Plan. The components of an emergency management framework are: ? prevention; ? [read more]

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Pneumatic Tools - Safety Talk
20-page PDF document. Pneumatic tools can be as lethal as a gun. Air under pressure creates hazards that can be hidden. Compressed air is a useful energy source but if it is used incorrectly or used for the wrong purpose it can easily lead to serious [read more]

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PRO - 002 Basic Isolation and Tagging
Listed under:  Health & Safety
View more from: gmclennan
6-page Word document. This procedure provides guidance to line managers to prevent personnel injury from the inadvertent starting or energising of equipment while it is being, installed, commissioned or maintained. It also provides details to prevent the use of [read more]

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Safety Signs - Safety Talk
21-page PDF document. Safety signs are a type of safety equipment that provides you with important safety information. Just like any safety equipment, safety signs are only effective if you use the information that is provided.

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Working with Slings - Safety Talk
19-page PDF document. Crane and lifting accidents are often caused by the use of defective slings. Even in sound condition, if slings and lifting gear are used incorrectly, accidents can still occur. It is important that you select the correct type of [read more]

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Treatment Planning
Listed under:  Health & Safety
View more from: Dr. Chris Stout
27-page Word document. Well-documented treatment plans are essential to facility-based care. Team input, patient involvement, regulatory oversight, and payer concerns all tend to hinge on good treatment planning. Stout and Jongsma developed a book and software [read more]

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Portable Electrical Equipment - Safety Talk
18-page PDF document. Portable electrical equipment is commonly used in industry. Poor maintenance and incorrect use of portable electrical equipment can easily lead to electric shock and fatality. Death or injury from electric shock can result from the [read more]

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Excavation Work - Safety Talk
19-page PDF document. Excavation work can be as simple as digging a trench to install a pipe or as complex as building an underground tunnel. Although most excavations are temporary, they are a place of work and must be made safe for people to work in and to protect others in the vicinity.

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