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Today, it's not just the volume of data that matters. It's more about how all this Big Data is organized, structured, and acted upon.

If your organization has been around for a few years, chances are that you are utilizing an outdated legacy system that lacks the agility and business intelligence capabilities is very high. Intelligent cloud SFA solutions with AI capabilities connect all of that data to create a single view of each individual customer. Advances in AI solutions made it possible for salespeople to leverage the structured data in their dayto-day activities for multiple purposes while boosting the operational efficiency and enhancing the communication process with customers and prospects.

This whitepaper discusses specific ways sales teams can best take advantage of AI-driven tools. Examples include:

  • Predictive lead scoring
  • Intelligent nurturing campaigns
  • Intelligent lead generating
  • Prescriptive sales analytics
  • Sales operations optimization
  • among others

The benefits of utilizing intelligent SFA tools are huge and include better alignment of marketing and sales teams, increased efficiency and productivity of salespeople, more accurate sales forecasts as well as more relevant, better-timed messaging to improve the Customer Experience.

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