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Learn why most annual corporate retreats fail and what to do about it.

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Business leaders, executive teams and even board members ask two common questions every year:

  1. Are annual retreats worth it?
  2. How do we avoid the common pitfalls and make ours count?

These are fair questions to ask given the high investment in time and money annual retreats cost compared to the poor results most retreats produce. In fact, research reports that 70% of strategic efforts fail while those that succeed realize only 60% of their anticipated value.

But, not all retreats fail. Some companies conduct successful annual retreats year after year. They formulate successful strategic plans and execute them consistently beating the typical lackluster yields their competitor's experience. What do they know and do that most others don't?

This whitepaper discusses:

  • Problems and common mistakes most leaders make when it comes to planning and executing an annual retreat
  • Popular solutions and why they fall short
  • The three things all successful companies do to consistently get good results
  • The barriers you must overcome to be successful
  • What you can do now

This whitepaper also includes access to a complimentary online assessment to evaluate your organization's readiness for corporate retreats.

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