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Three tips to help technical experts get an edge when communicating complex information.

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Have you ever thought that because you are a technical expert, communicating will be a struggle? Perhaps you think communicating is for other people: people who are extraverted, charismatic and find it easy to say the right thing?

Most business communication relies on a deep understanding of the facts and the ability to explain how those facts are logically relevant to a particular update or decision. Decision makers are impressed by the ability to communicate complex material with clarity, which requires rigorous understanding of the logical connections between your ideas.

In short: you don't have to be born a good communicator. Your abilities with logic and synthesis combined with your technical expertise can work to your advantage when learning how to generate powerful and relevant insights from complex material. To achieve this, there are three steps that you must take, capture in this free ebook developed by Clarity College.

Clarity College was co-founded by Davina Stanley and Gerard Castles to help people make the complex clear and the clear compelling. Both Davina and Gerard began their consulting careers at McKinsey & Company and are passionate about helping others create clarity in their problem solving and communication.

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