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FAS Operations Manager Position Desc & Performance Expectations $20.00
Assoc Financial Advisor Position Desc & Performance Expectations $20.00
Lead Financial Planner Position Desc & Performance Expectations $20.00
Case Analyst, Paraplanner & Trader Position Desc $20.00
FAS Client Care Specialist Position Desc & Performance Expectations $20.00
Sr Advisor Asst/Client Care Position Desc/Performance Expectations $20.00
FAS Business Processor Position Desc & Performance Expectations $20.00
FAS Calendar Manager/Meeting Planner Position Desc/Performance Expectations $20.00
FAS Client Concierge/Office Coordinator Position Desc/Performance Expectations $20.00
FAS Marketing & Branding Coordinator Position Desc & Performance Expectations $20.00
FAS Finance & Accounting Position Desc & Performance Expectations $20.00
FAS Individual & Compiled Weekly Productivity Tracking Logs $29.00
Financial Advising "Soft Skills" Interviewing Instrument $29.00
FAS Performance Management System Implementation Guidelines $20.00
FAS Operations Manager & Lead Planner Performance Assessment $29.00
FAS Client Meeting Observation and Coaching Form $20.00
Licensed Case Analyst, Paraplanner & Trader Performance Assessment $29.00
FAS Client Care Specialist Performance Assessment $29.00
FAS Business Processor Performance Assessment $29.00
FAS Calendar Manager/Meeting Planner Performance Assessment $29.00
FAS Client Concierge/Office Coordinator Performance Assessment $29.00
FAS Marketing & Branding Coordinator Performance Assessment $29.00
FAS Client Care Process Standards and Quality Metrics $39.00
FAS Daily/Weekly Staff Meeting Agenda and Minutes Template $29.00
FAS Individual Development Templates and Coaching Worksheets $29.00
Assoc Financial Advisor & Operations Manager Sample Improvement Goals $20.00
FAS Performance-Based Comp & Bonuses Guidelines & Sample Plan $29.00
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Total Price $667.00
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